Your Thumb can Predict your Personality? Take the Test Now!

Your Thumb can Predict your Personality? Take the Test Now!

Your Thumb can Predict your Personality? Take the Test Now!

Your Thumb can Predict your Personality? Take the Test Now!

Even though we may not fully understand the link, there seems to be a connection between our physical characteristics and our personalities.

Our appearance plays an important role in our perception of ourselves. A perception we begin forming during childhood.

The way we perceive ourselves has the potential to alter our personalities in a multitude of ways, which is based on the way we believe others see us.

Therefore, many believe physical characteristics reveal much about who we are on the inside.

There are researchers who believe Your Thumb can Predict your Personality!

According to the researchers there are 5 different thumb types, each with a distinctive shape. Each thumb shape is linked to a personality type.

The Thumb Type Personality Test!

Look at your right thumb. After asking yourself why you’re actually doing this, compare it to the five images of thumbs below.

With The first 3 you’re comparing the size of the digit. The bottom 2 is whether your thumb is flexible or rigid.

You’ll take the two descriptions most similar to your thumb and combine them to receive a personality profile and for me it was quite accurate.

Which thumb is most similar to yours? Made your selection? Now, read the personality description associated with your thumb type.

Let us know in the comments below how closely your thumb predicted your personality.

Thumb Size 1

Upper Half Larger Than Lower Half

Thumb type 1, Upper Half Larger Than Lower Half. Your Thumb can Predict your Personality? Take the Test Now!

If you were born with this thumb type you’re more than likely ambitious.

Your goal is always striving towards being the best, and you don’t tolerate anything less. Aiming for the stars is the driving force behind your personality even when you’re quiet, you’re thinking of ways to achieve your goals.

You can have a tendency to become obsessed with your chosen target. Your drive to succeed can be intense, but you aren’t the type to boast if and when you succeed.

Instead, you remain humble and grateful that you were able to achieve your goals. The owner of this thumb types biggest strength comes from a combination of their humility and willpower.

Thumb Size 2

Upper Half Smaller Than The Lower Half

Your Thumb can Predict your Personality? Take the Test Now! thumb type 2

Thumb type 2 predicts a personality which remains humble at all times.

Preferring to keep your feet on the ground. You are confident and calm, but most importantly you are caring.

You never make a promise unless you are sure you can deliver.

You enjoy the simple things in life. You find joy and peace in situations others would consider mundane.

You’re grounded and never forget the people who helped you along the way. You are probably a rich person, not in possessions but in friendship and love.

Thumb Size 3

Upper and Lower Halves are the same size

Upper and Lower Halves are the same size

If your thumb fits into this category, you’re likely someone who strives for balance and you keep those you love close.

Harmony is something you desire. Your personality craves equilibrium, anything less is unacceptable.

Your life is strongly influenced by ying and yang. You’ll try to find the good in the worst situations. No matter the trouble you face, you’ll find a way to move forward.

It’s people like you who strive for a balance in life that many people envy, whether it’s through happiness, strife, or calm.

Yours is a life based on physical, spiritual, and emotional harmony.

Thumb Type 4

The Flexible Curved Thumb

Thumb type 4 The Flexible Curved Thumb

Thumb Type 4 predicts a person who adapts well to different situations.

If you have a very flexible thumb, first and foremost, you’re a survivor, who is often the first to realize something has changed and you need to change along with it.

Mentally, this is also applicable. You’re never stuck in your ways. If new information arises, you can easily alter your opinion.

When necessary, you change your attitude and behavior to achieve the goal at hand. This is a rare quality that provides you with a greater chance of survival, even in the most trying situations.

Thumb Type 5

Set Thumb

Thumb type 5 The rigid thumb

Thumb Type 5 is a thumb that is stiff or immobile, you have a dominant personality and may be quite stubborn.

You are a person who does not break promises lightly. You’re straight forward and rarely change in order to achieve your goals.

When your sights become fixed on a target, it’s hard to alter your course.

You can be trusted, both to listen and to communicate. Your level of loyalty is admirable, and you are confident in your decisions.

It’s possible your stubbornness is a blessing, as long as your ideas are well thought out.

Well, what’s your thumb say about you?

I’m a Type 2 – 4 and I have to admit it nailed my personality down pretty close. How about you? Did your thumb predict your personality correctly?

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Your Thumb can Predict your Personality? Take the Test Now!