Woman believes she’s a wolf, Bites Off friends ear during Sex Fueled Rampage

Woman believes she's a wolf, Bites Off friends ear during Sex Fueled Rampage

Allison Weaver stated she believed she was a wolf and her friend a vampire during the sexual attack that left her victim missing large chunks of her body.

Allison Weaver in an apparent sex fueled rampage bit her friend’s ear completely off, ripped off a large portion of her cheek with her teeth and bit chunks out of her victims breasts, private area, stomach, back, head and arms during the vicious sexual attack, police said.

As she watched her unsuspecting friend sleeping soundly in bed, Allison Weaver, 44, had a terrible thought. Her sleeping friend needed to die and Allison Weaver believed she needed to be the one who murdered her.

Allison Weaver sex attack. Woman believes she's a wolf, Bites friends ear off during Sex Fueled Rampage.
Allison Weaver’s isn’t a natural redhead. As you can see in the image on the right her hair is brown. It’s stained red from the blood her victim lost during the attack.

Allison Weaver’s Sex Fueled Rampage “She was the Vampire and I was the Wolf”

Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy Shawn Hopkins testified that he responded to the apartment and found Weaver sitting on her knees, completely nude and covered in blood.

Hopkins continued to say that Weaver appeared to be having good time,’ and ‘told me that they were having consensual sex and that (the victim) was a vampire and that Ms. Weaver was the wolf.’

He noted that the other woman, 48, was also covered in blood and had numerous bite marks on her face, saying that she ‘almost appeared like she may have been in shock,

The unnamed victim told authorities that she was asleep when she was allegedly attacked. She added that there was nothing consensual about the encounter.

She testified that she invited Weaver over to her apartment, but refused her sexual advances earlier in the night. The woman, who is also a mother, testified that she and Weaver had become friends through their same-aged daughters and once kissed 12 years ago.

“I’m sorry but you’re going to have to die today”

The woman said she then went to bed alone and left Weaver, who had come over with pouches of pre-mixed rum and a bottle of vodka, in another room.

‘(I remember) jumping off my bed and seeing Allison on all fours on my bed and…giving me a really scary look. She just kept giving me this look with her head going back and forth.’

‘I was like, What are you doing?” She just lunged at me and started strangling me.’

The Victim of Allison Weaver

The victim said she briefly lost consciousness before waking up with Weaver on top of her.

Allison Weaver in court accused of biting friends ear off during sex fueled rampage
Allison Weaver in court

I remember her strangling me. The next thing I remember is trying to get away and hearing her, as clear as day, with no reflection in her tone, just saying, “Sorry (victim’s name), but you’re going to have to die today.”

She continued:

‘I just started screaming bloody murder and banging on the floor, (saying) “No, no, no. I can’t believe I’m going to die like this. Someone come and please help, help, help.’

A neighbor called police after hearing the struggle and screams coming from the victim’s apartment. Officers arrested Weaver and rushed the victim to the hospital. Police said they recovered alcohol, marijuana containers and unknown prescription medications from the home.

The victim recalled her time in the hospital:

‘I knew my cheek was gone. I knew my ear was gone. I knew I couldn’t move most of my arms. I had (bite marks) all over my stomach, my (private area), my breasts, my back, my head, all over my scalp.’

Nothing but extreme pain, which I still have. I’m going to have to live with these scars forever.’

Weaver is charged with criminal sexual conduct-second degree, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, assault with intent to maim and strangulation.

She was released on a $75,000 bail with a GPS tether after her attorney argued she should be released because she’s a single mother. Weaver faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted.

Since being released on bail, Allison Weaver has made numerous court appearances. She has had trial dates set and rescheduled multiple times, likely due to Covid.

The day is drawing nearer when she will need to explain to a jury, the reason she shouldn’t be in prison for the vicious crime she committed against someone who thought of her as a friend.

Her latest trial date has been set for September, 2022.

Allison Weaver believes she’s a wolf, Bites friends ear off during Sex Fueled Rampage

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