Video: Dumb Criminals Killed in Gun Store Robbery

Video: Dumb Criminals Killed in Gun Store Robbery

Video: 1 of 3 Dumb Criminals Killed in Failed Attempt at Robbing a Gun Store.

Video: Dumb Criminals Killed in Gun Store Robbery

Some People are too dumb to remain Living!

Three criminals attempted to rob the Gun Store, Caza y Pesca Zanetti, in Paraguay.

The closed circuit video shows the owner of the gun store grab a firearm from the counter when a man enters and walks slowly to his right. The second criminal may have noticed him pick up the gun because he immediately charges into the store firing at the two store owners.

Final Decision!

It would ultimately be his final decision in this life, as the store owner shoots him dead on the spot. The other guy who entered first manages to escape but was wounded by one of the gun store owners rounds.

A third accomplice waited outside in the getaway vehicle. However, they didn’t make it far before police apprehended one of the men.

Strange Turn of Events!

In a strange turn of events, when police officers were alerted to the situation in the urban center of Santa Rita, in the confusion, a pickup truck was shot at by two patrol cars, whose uniformed officers ordered it to stop. When the driver refused, police fired several shots into the vehicle.

Conclusion of Video of Dumb Criminals Failing to Rob a Gun Store.

This is a warning to any would be criminals. If you’re planning to commit a robbery try not to choose a location where the people you’re robbing are surrounded by guns and trained in how to use them.