Unusual Job Opportunities that pay well!

Unusual Job Opportunities that pay well!

Unusual Job Opportunities!

Weird job opportunities

Are you searching for a job or are you interested in changing careers? Can’t get excited about the job opportunities available to you?

Maybe it’s time to think about an unusual job. There are some strange and unusual job opportunities out there and some of them pay very well. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Professional Cuddler

Unusual Job Opportunities, professional cuddler

Professional Cuddler Job Description –

There are people who struggle with loneliness, depression, past trauma, medical problems, or who are simply in need of an extra cuddle…from a stranger.

This is where a professional cuddler comes in, to provide some human touch to a person in need.

A professional cuddler can build an established clientele and develop repeat business. A good professional cuddler can complete multiple cuddling sessions in a day.

Professional Cuddler Salary –

Earning anywhere between $40 to $80 per hour, the hours are flexible and you could even work from home.

Professional Hippotherapist

Hippotherapist, unusual jobs that pay well

Hippotherapist Job Description –

Hippotherapy is the “treatment with the help of a horse”. You’d be using horses and their movement to help human patients to overcome speech, physical, or mental health disorders.

I wouldn’t run out and buy a horse just yet though. You’ll need to qualify and become licensed as a physical therapist, occupational therapist or a speech or language therapist before you can specialise in this field.

Hippotherapist Salary –

A licensed hippotherapist earns between $40,000 to $58,000 per year.

Professional Bridesmaid

Professional Bridesmaid

Professional Bridesmaid Job Description

Not everyone has close friends & family to be bridesmaids but they still dream of a traditional wedding. That’s when a professional bridesmaid is hired.

As a professional bridesmaid you’d be a friend for hire, organizer and confidant. If you are a people person and think you’d enjoy helping a bride have the perfect wedding day, then this could be a job to consider.

Professional Bridesmaid Salary –

The salary for professional Bridesmaids varies greatly based on a number of factors. You can expect to make anywhere from $25,000 – $75,000 a year.

Professional Line Stander

Unusual jobs that pay well, line stander

Professional Line Stander Job Description –

If you are a patient person who doesn’t mind standing in lines you could be the perfect professional line stander!

Once you’re hired you’ll find yourself lining up for the release of a movie, concert or to purchase sporting event tickets, the newest iPhone, games consoles, or anything else.

You’d are basically paid to hold a space for someone who’s too busy or just doesn’t want to stand in line themselves. There are websites and apps available for these services if you want to sign up.

Professional Line Stander Salary –

Believe it or not, you could be making between $26,000 to $60,000 a year simply standing in lines.

Professional Dog Food Tester

Unusual job opportunities that pay well, dog food tester. Gif

Professional Dog Food Tester Job Description –

Yes, it’s what it sounds like!

Dog food is a multi-million-dollar industry, so it should come as no surprise then that it’s taken very seriously. It’s not just dogs that are picky about what they eat, their owners are particular about the ingredients, health benefits and smell of the food they’re feeding to their beloved pets.

Working as a dog food tester you’ll have to assess products on packaging, smell, nutritional value and yes the texture and taste as well.

Professional Dog Food Tester Salary –

The national average salary for a Dog Food Taster is $26,494 per year.

Professional Gross Stunt Tester

Unusual Job Opportunities that pay well!

Gross Stunt Tester Job Description –

You know the gross stunts on shows like Fear Factor or Survivor? If you watch the contestants putting the grossest stuff imaginable in their mouth and thought “I could do that” – then you might have a future as a gross stunt tester.

You’d have to prepare and test out all the challenges. It would be your responsibility to ensure tasks are safe and contain the maximum grossness factor.

Gross Stunt Tester Salary –

As a gross stunt tester you could earn up to $800 a day.

There ya go, 6 of the most unusual Job Opportunities that pay well. Do me a favor and share this page on your social media pages. I’d really appreciate it!