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Unique Codename Given To all United States Presidents by the Secret Service!

Unique Codename Given To all United States Presidents by the Secret Service!

Unique Codename Given To all United States Presidents by the Secret Service!

Since the election of Harry Truman as President of the United States, the leader of the free world has been given a Codename by the secret service.

The Secret Service uses these names as a way to maintain the safety of the Commander & Chief. Today we’ll be taking a look at these secret monikers and the reason each President was given their specific codename.

Harry Truman Codename –


Harry Truman Codename. Unique Codename Given To all United States Presidents by the Secret Service!

Harry Truman was the first U.S. President to receive a Secret Service code name. Truman was given the moniker of “General.” Even though, Truman himself never attained the rank of general while in the military.

Dwight Eisenhower Codename –

“Providence” & “Scorecard”

Unique Codename Given To all United States Presidents by the Secret Service! Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower is the one of two Presidents on the list to receive two Secret Service code names. During his time as President, Ike was referred to as “Providence” by the secret service.

When he retired from public life, Eisenhowers Codename was hanged to “Scorecard” due to his love of golf.

John F. Kennedy’s Secret Service Codename –


John F Kennedy codename lancer

The Secret Service’s code name for Kennedy was “Lancer.” This became an unintentional but well-known part of the Kennedy legend after his assassination.

Jackie Kennedy eulogized her husband in Look magazine using lyrics from the Broadway show Camelot.

Camelot became a catch-all romanticized nickname for the whole Kennedy-era, and the similarity between “Lancer” and Sir Lancelot was noticed by many.

First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s Secret Service Codename –


Lyndon Johnson’s Secret Service Codename –


Vice President-turned-President Lyndon Johnson was referred to as “Volunteer” by the Secret Service. The meaning of the name has never been revealed, but it was appropriate given the way Johnson became president, assuming the position after the assassination of JFK.

Richard Nixon’s Secret Service Codename –


Richard Nixon codename searchlight. Unique Codename Given To all United States Presidents by the Secret Service!

No one knows why the code name “Searchlight” was given to Richard Nixon by the Secret Service, as there seems to be no symbolic or pithy meaning to it.

However, the name became ironic due to Nixon’s downfall by a metaphorical light shining on his misdeeds as President.

First Lady Pat Nixon – “Starlight”

In step with her husband’s code name, First Lady Pat Nixon was referred to as “Starlight.”

The code names of First Ladies and First Family members are usually linked to the president’s.

President Gerald Ford –


Gerald Ford’s codename held a certain irony, as he locked the door on any possibility of criminal prosecution against his predecessor, Nixon, by granting him “a full, free, and absolute pardon”

Secret Service Codename for Jimmy Carter –


Jimmy Carter codenamed Deacon. Unique Codename Given To all United States Presidents by the Secret Service!

Jimmy Carter was a Sunday School teacher before, during, and after his time as President of the United States. This led to his Secret Service code name was famously becoming “Deacon.”

First Lady Rosalynn Carter Secret Service Codename – “Dancer”

Amy Carter’s Codename – “Dynamo”

Ronald Reagan –


Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood actor known for his work in Westerns. When Reagan became president, he was given the code name “Rawhide” in reference to his cowboy image.

George H.W. Bush –


George bush codename timberwolf

George H.W. Bush had the awesome codename of “Timberwolf.” It’s not known where the name came from. I would assume it has something to do with Bush’s past as the director of the CIA.

First Lady Barbara Bush –


First Lady Barbara Bush was given the code name “Tranquility.” According to Agent Jonathan Wackrow, the name “exemplified her demeanor and its calming, humanizing and gentle effect on those around her.”

Bill Clinton –


Bill Clinton codename eagle

After his election in 1992, Bill Clinton was given the code name “Eagle.” This was partially due to the eagle’s importance as an American cultural symbol, as well as Clinton reflecting on his time as an Eagle Scout while on the campaign trail.

First Lady Hillary Clinton –


Hillary Clinton kept the code name throughout her career in politics, even through her 2016 presidential campaign.

George W. Bush –

“Tumbler” & “Trailblazer”

George bush secret service codename trailblazer

Like Dwight Eisenhower, George W. Bush had two Secret Service code names, although for very different reasons. While his father was president, the younger Bush was referred to as “Tumbler.”

This was both a reference to his days as a cheerleader, as well as his well-chronicled drinking problem. By the time Bush was a candidate, then president, the “Tumbler” name was retired due to its link with drinking and replaced with “Trailblazer.”

Barack Obama –


Barack Obama secret service codename renegade

Barack Obama was given a pre-approved list of code names beginning with R to choose from as his secret service codename. He chose to be referred to as Renegade. As for the first family,

First Lady Michelle Obama – “Renaissance”

Milia Obama – “Radiance”

Sasha Obama – “Rosebud”

Donald Trump –


Donald Trump secret service code name is mogul

During his campaign, Donald Trump joked that he would be using “Humble” as his Secret Service code name. That didn’t happen, instead, Trump is called “Mogul”, of course it’s a reference to his image as a successful businessman.

First Lady Melania Trump – “Muse”

Vice President Mike Pence – “Hoosier”

Karen Pence – “Hummingbird”

Joe Biden Secret Service Codename –


Joe Biden codename is celtic

President Joe Biden has used the code name “Celtic” each time he’s been under Secret Service protection. The name is a reference to Joe Biden’s Irish heritage and has followed him through his vice presidency, failed election campaigns and now as the President of the United States.

First Lady Jill Biden – “Capri”