THOUGHT POLICE HAVE ARRIVED – China Reveals AI Capable of Reading Thoughts

THOUGHT POLICE HAVE ARRIVED - China Reveals AI Capable of Reading Thoughts

George Orwell tried to warn us. We all thought to ourselves, “that would be horrible but it’ll never happen”. Lol, think again!

Thought police. THOUGHT POLICE HAVE ARRIVED - China Reveals AI Capable of Reading Thoughts

THOUGHT POLICE HAVE ARRIVED – China Reveals AI Capable of Reading Thoughts

Ready or not, Here they come. Thought Police Have Arrived in China.

The technology to read your thoughts is no longer solely in the imagination of science fiction writers like George Orwell. A system capable of doing exactly that, read thoughts, has been revealed in China.

Scientists in China reported the creation of an artificial intelligence capable of reading a person’s thoughts.

An article describing the advanced artificial intelligence system was published on the first day of July and then was promptly deleted.

Chinese Reveal aI Technology to Read Thoughts. Then have a change of heart.

However, nothing on the internet disappears without a trace. Western publications have managed to find out and a small number of them have written about China’s new Artificial Intelligence system which sounds just like George Orwell’s thought police from the book 1984.

The Mind Reading AI was developed at the National Research Center in Hefei City, Anhui Province.

The cutting edge artificial intelligence is capable of tracking human facial expressions and reading brain waves.

Big Brother Is Always Watching!

THOUGHT POLICE ARE HERE Technology to Read Thoughts Revealed in China

According to the Chinese researchers working on the system it was created in order to assess the level of a members loyalty to the Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China.

A perfect description of George Orwell’s thought police if you ask me.

The algorithm assesses how closely a person studies lectures and how he or she reacts to the information received.

Forty-three Communist Party members took part in the AI test. They attended propaganda events and were monitored by scientists.

“thought and political education” so as to “further solidify their confidence and determination to be grateful to the party, listen to the party and follow the party”.

Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre

Chinese researchers have not specified exactly how the Artificial Intelligence reads thoughts through facial expressions or brain waves, only that the party now has the capability to do so.

My Thoughts:

You know as well as I do, if China has this technology, so does the United States. The only difference is, the United States will use it in secret and none of us will ever be told until 70 years from now.

They say Chinese researchers didn’t receal how the AI can read thoughts but it’s a pretty safe guess it has something to do with facial recognition technology.

Have you ever considered the possibility of Selfies being pushed by social media for the sole purpose of providing these Artificial Intelligence and machine learning systems with huge amounts of data to learn quicker?

I have, in fact, facial recognition technology has never really sat right with me. I’d be willing to bet it plays a role here.

AI reading your mind together with the news I just posted about the real life Minority Report being capable of predicting future crime with 90% accuracy. Leaves me thinking technology may be advancing a little too fast for my liking.