The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers! My personal experiences!

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers! My personal experiences!

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers!

I don’t usually write about my personal experiences but I decided to give it a try and see what you guys think.

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers as a White Man

I’m not black, so I can’t fully relate to the experiences black men have with police officers, but due to my own personal interactions with cops, I am nearly certain, I have an idea of how they feel each time they are forced to interact with someone who, oddly enough, has taken an oath to protect and serve them.

The way I feel each time an officer of the “law” detains me, no matter how briefly and no matter how minor the reason for detainment.

Extremely Fearful!

Spotting a Cop Car anywhere in my vicinity while driving!

The emotion that sweeps over me when I happen to see a police car anywhere in my vicinity while driving can only be described as horrible soul crushing anxiety.

This anxiety switches to a fear so extreme, I begin trembling once I see blue lights flashing behind me and realize I’m being pulled over. At that moment, I know, I am about to be forced into an interaction with a police officer who will undoubtedly treat me like a piece of shit he’s scraping off of his jackboots.

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers as a White Man

Why do I have such an extreme fear of Police?

I want to start out by stating I am always extremely respectful to police officers. Always! Maybe too respectful given how I’ve been treated in the past.

I must have a certain look that police officers are suspicious of. It’s the only thing that explains the bullying, harassment and abuse of power I’ve had to endure at the hands of police officers throughout my life.

I have never been stopped by police without being removed from my vehicle and searched. Ever!

My first traffic stop at 18 years old.

While reading, keep in mind that I’ve always been a law abiding citizen. I had never been in trouble with the law in my short life. No criminal history at all, ever!

In 1997 I purchased my first vehicle, a 1990 Dodge Daytona, I was only 18 years old. I bought it from a mechanic shop in Socastee, Sc. Which is just outside of Myrtle Beach.

Back then, if you had a bill of sale, you could drive legally with a paper tag for 30 or 60 days after purchasing a vehicle. I can’t remember exactly how long.

The very first day I bought the car I was excited and as happy as you can get. That lasted somewhere around an hour. Until I was pulled over by a mustachioed city of Surfside Beach police officer, which is where I lived.

The reason he stopped me was the paper tag on the vehicle, ok, no big deal. I showed him the bill of sale proving that I’d just purchased the vehicle, my insurance papers and drivers license. I was all good, he was not happy about it.

He proceeded to yell and scream at me like a dog, without asking permission he removed me from my newly purchased vehicle with force, physically searched me and searched my vehicle. After completely transforming my naive 18 year old opinion of police officers, he lets me go, but he wasn’t finished with me yet.

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers as a White Man

The same officer pulled me over the next 3 days in a row, always stating his reason as the paper tag. Even though he knew I’d just purchased the vehicle, no one has a memory that bad. Each and every time I was physically searched, had my vehicle searched and released after being verbally and somewhat physically abused by this officer of the “law”.

On the 5th, 6th and 7th day a different officer pulled me over and searched me, again stating the paper tag as an excuse each time. Although this officer didn’t touch me or verbally assault me as the first one did.

I assume the first officer told the second one if he spotted me to pull me over. Of course, I can’t know this for a fact but what other explanation is there?

On the 8th day the first cop was back but this time when he pulled me over he called backup. At one point I was surrounded by no less than 6 squad cars which included, Surfside Beach city as well as Horry county cops and even a K9 unit from Horry county police.

My cousin was with me during this traffic stop. He happened to have a box cutter in his pocket from his job stocking shelves at Winn Dixie, which was treated as a deadly weapon and confiscated. We were both handcuffed and placed in the back of separate cop cars.

By this time I was terrified of this cop. I sat in the back of his cop car trembling, handcuffed for the first time in my life and absolutely terrified as I watched them completely dismantle the interior of my Dodge Daytona, including removing both front seats and placing them in the grass behind my car.

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers as a White Man

After the angry mustachioed cop and his gang in blue found nothing once again, we were reluctantly uncuffed and left on the side of the highway with an undrivable vehicle, no tools to put it back together and without so much as an apology.

I called my father to pick us up and the next day I went back to the car and reassembled it the best I could. I didn’t drive it again until I was able to afford the real tag but do you think having a real tag stopped this thug of an officer in Surfside Beach, Sc? No.

The same cop ended up pulling me over 6 more times that month. Twice he claimed a headlight was out when I passed him but magically started working again after I was pulled over. (This same tactic has been used two more times in the last 5 years in Surfside Beach, must be a go to when they haven’t got a reason to pull you over.)

From this point on he always cuffed me while searching the vehicle. He was never able to find whatever he was looking for and I guess he eventually got tired of harassing me because he eventually left me alone.

This thug in blue working for Surfside City police department reshaped my opinion of cops and instilled in me a sense of fear and helplessness I’d never experienced in my life up to that point. Although he was terrible, he wouldn’t be the last or the worst cop I would deal with.

“Where’s the Crack? Where’s the Cocaine and Crystal Meth?”

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers as a White Man

10 or so years later while working maintenance at a resort chain you’d know the name of if I said it, I received a phone call from my brother stating that his car wouldn’t crank and he needed help.

Because I was already in it, I drove the brand new (less than 1000 miles on it) Ford F-150 with the company’s very famous logo on the sides and back of the vehicle. After helping my brother get his vehicle running, I headed back to work.

Less than 5 minutes after leaving my brother I see blue lights behind me. I couldn’t get over to the right, so I got in a left turning lane thinking he needed around me. I wasn’t speeding so I knew he couldn’t be pulling me over in this brand new truck.

He gets behind me and starts yelling through his loudspeaker immediately. “Get out of the vehicle, put your hands on the steering wheel, stop disposing of the drugs”

Drugs? Wtf is he talking about drugs? I’m in my work clothes, in a work truck and this fools yelling at me about disposing of drugs? I knew this was going to be bad! Real bad!

I’m 6 foot 2 inches tall but I’m skinny, the cop that was yelling at me on a loudspeaker turned out to be 3 inches taller and outweighed me by at least 100 lbs.

There wasn’t a “let me see your drivers license”. This guy immediately opens my door and snatches me out of the truck, slammed me hard against the side of it before throwing me to the ground and cuffing me. All while yelling “Where’s the Crack? Where’s the Cocaine and Crystal Meth?” over and over.

As I am lying on the ground bleeding from the head, he forces my mouth open like I have a mouth full of drugs or something. After roughing me up a little more which left me bleeding from the ead, above my left eye and from the right side of my throat, he searched me and the vehicle and released me. Once again without so much as an explanation for his actions or an apology.

Wouldn’t you know it, once again I was in Surfside Beach city limits. Which is a 2 mile stretch of land on the coast of Sc, between Murrell’s inlet and Myrtle Beach. I no longer live in Surfside and I refuse to drive through it. I go around it if at all possible.

Surfside Beach police officers aren’t the only ones who have treated me this way, although, they are the ones who’ve display the most blatant and consistently abusive conduct.

Jailed for 4 months without bond!

I may write about being jailed for 4 months without bond before being released at some point in the future. But as of now, I’m not ready to put that experience on the web. It involves some things and some officers I’m honestly afraid to talk about openly right now.

Conclusion to “The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers”

I feel lucky to have made it through those interactions without having something planted on me by the cops.

Most people don’t understand who the police protect and serve. They protect and serve the institutions of courts, laws and social order only to maintain their power! That’s a fact!

To put it mildly, I no longer see police officers as anything more than thugs with badges. Pathetic little men that have a need to feel powerful and use the power granted to them by the government to abuse law abiding citizens whenever they please.

I have never and will never call the police for any reason whatsoever. They are of no use to me and mine. I avoid them at all cost.

Mickey Bailey

The Reason I am Terrified of Police Officers!