The Brother of Cartel Boss is Slain in Street along with his wife & 2 kids – video of incident

The Brother of Cartel Boss is Slain in Street along with his wife & 2 kids - video of incident

VERACRUZ, VER.- Six people dead, including two children, and one person injured, was the result of an armed attack that occurred on the free federal highway Veracruz-Xalapa, in the section known as Las Bajadas, on the afternoon of this Sunday, the 22nd January 2023, confirmed the Ministry of Public Security (SSP).

The Brother of Cartel Boss is Slain in Street along with his wife & 2 kids - video of incident

According to witnesses, around 4:00 p.m. a truck that was being followed by armed men left the road and collided with a light pole in the Los Carriles neighborhood. The unit received several bullets during the pursuit and at the time of the crash. All the occupants of the vehicle died at the scene.

In the events, another person was injured and took a taxi on the same free federal highway Veracruz-Xalapa, until they reached the industrial zone of the city of Veracruz, where they were intervened by state police officers who requested paramedical attention.

The attack occurred about a hundred meters from the main access to the Las Bajadas Naval Air Base. Elements of the National Guard and the Secretary of the Navy, as well as the Mexican Army and the Secretary of Public Security, arrived at the place to cordon off the area.

The video below has had the aftermath blurred out due to children being involved.

Meanwhile, personnel from the Forensic Services and the Ministerial Police, from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), removed the bodies and collected evidence, including more than 50 shell casings that remained on the asphalt, to integrate the research folder.

The SSP confirmed the balance of six people dead and one injured and reported that Code Red was activated after the events with the aim of finding those responsible. As part of the actions, public, municipal, state and federal security personnel were deployed in various parts of the city. In the accesses and exits of the Veracruz-Boca del Río metropolitan area, checkpoints were installed. Until the closing of this note, there is no report of detainees.

The event alerted residents of several neighborhoods in the city of Veracruz, because it occurred in a populated area. According to neighbors, the shots were heard in the Las Bajadas, Los Carriles and Las Amapolas neighborhoods. In addition, it caused intense traffic congestion that left several motorists and passengers of public transport trucks stranded for nearly two hours, since both lanes were closed to traffic.

I had to translate this story from a Spanish news source. The link to the original article from is below.

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