Naked Man In Girls Trunk Stays Silent For 3 days

Naked Man In Girls Trunk Stays Silent For 3 days
Naked Man Trapped In Girls Trunk Stays Silent For 3 days.

Naked Man Trapped In Girls Trunk Stays Silent For 3 days. Video at The Bottom but it’s best to read then watch!

Bethany’s Mistake

Bethany Coker left her car doors unlocked one frigid night in Vancouver, BC. Being iced over and frozen shut she assumed there was no reason to lock them. She was wrong.

The next day, as she sat down behind the steering wheel. Bethany noticed the passenger seat was covered in mud. She’d been out 4-wheeling the night before but didn’t recall the seat being so muddy when she was finished, but it was possible.

Wanting to clean her car of the hardened mud, she asked a coworker if they could bring in a humidifier to help loosen it up so she could clean it. That night, she left the car in an area that was humid and warm in order to clean it the next day.

Unintentionally Saved His Life

Looking back, if Bethany hadn’t parked the car in a warmer location to ease to cleaning of the mud the following morning, The naked man who was hiding in her trunk would have surely passed away from hypothermia.

Naked Man Trapped In Girls Trunk Stays Silent For 3 days
Screenshot From Bethany Cokers Video.

For the next 72 hours Bethany’s life was fairly routine. Driving to and from work, stopping by a restaurant, going to the grocery store, hanging out with friends at night. A very normal life but what happened next was anything but normal.

Bethany Hears Something

Three days after finding mud on her passenger seat, Bethany opened the rear drivers side door of her car to lay something in the back seat. When she did she heard a very faint “hey”.

At first, she thought it must’ve been a friend of her’s playing a prank on her. She used her phone to start recording and between giggles asked why he was in her trunk and if he was naked. He said, yes actually he was indeed naked and that he was “the pope’s son” trunk because it was a “right of passage.” The reason he gave for entering her trunk was that “it is a right of passage”.

After listening to the man speak, Bethany realized she had no idea who this man was and she could possibly be in a lot of danger.

Bethany Coker Video of Naked Man in the trunk of her car

Bethany cokers Video

When the possibility of this being someone she knew left her mind, she lost any courage she thought she had. She ran straight back to her work with panic in her voice saying there’s a strange naked man stowed away in her trunk. You can tell in the videos that her voice is shaking along with her hands. The video only time the video stops is to give her time to call the police.

Once the police arrive, you see a pair of bare legs dangling out of her open trunk with the officers surrounding it. The man in the trunk of Bethany’s car asked officers if he could put his pants on and the police said “yes please.”

Upon seeing the man and finding out his identity, the police realized this was a man recently added to their missing persons list.

He was the brother of one of Coker’s neighbors and had gone missing after a night of partying for his birthday. That must’ve been one wild party.

Though the man turned out to be harmless, this story could have taken a completely different and dangerous turn. She was lucky that it just turned out to be a neighbor’s brother who partied too hard.

Nagging Questions about The Naked Man

There’s still a few nagging questions swirling around this strange story. Like, why didn’t he speak up for three days, instead he remained silent for a full 72 hours. Also, why he initially stated he was the “son of the Pope” and that being in the trunk was a “right of passage”. Those are two of the weirdest questions that remain unanswered.

Bethany Coker assures everyone that from this point on, regardless of the weather, her car doors will be locked.

Naked Man Trapped In Girls Trunk Stays Silent For 3 days.

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