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Murdered his own Parents, Disturbing story of Tyler Hadley

Part 5 – Murdered his own Parents, Disturbing story of Tyler Hadley

Murdered his own Parents, Disturbing story of Tyler Hadley
Tyler Hadley is the younger child in this photo.

Tyler Hadley was A Rebellious Teen

While Tyler Hadley had a variety of issues, they mirrored those of many rebellious teens, like cutting class to smoke marijuana.

But his parents Blake and Mary Jo Hadley wouldn’t let him get away with this behavior, and sent him to a psychiatrist and a substance abuse counselor.

After he came home drunk one night, his parents decided to take away both his car and his phone as punishment. His retribution would be unspeakable.

The Straw that Broke The Camels Back

Having his personal items confiscated seems to have been the last straw for the troubled 17-year-old student of Port St. Lucie High in Florida.

Instead of acting out or yelling at his parents like other teens might do, he decided to bludgeon his mother and his father to death with a hammer. He then threw a wild party at the house that same exact night.

Tyler Used Facebook to Announce an Upcoming Party

After he cleaned up the blood, Hadley simply went on Facebook to message his classmates about the upcoming party. They were in disbelief at his invitation as Hadley had never thrown a party before.

He claimed his parents were away in Orlando. When he was asked if they might come home earlier than expected, he replied calmly: “They won’t. Trust me.”

Little did his friends realize that his parents were home, all along. Hadley had simply left their dead bodies in their bedroom.

Couldn’t keep it a secret!

Some of his friends would later recall him saying he wanted to kill his parents for punishing him days earlier. But they thought nothing of it and didn’t take his threat seriously, until Hadley pulled his friend Michael Mandell aside.

He says, ‘Mike, I killed my parents,’” said Mandell. “And I said, ‘No you didn’t, Tyler. Shut up. What are you talking about?’ And, he said, ‘Mike…look at the driveway, all the cars are there. My parents aren’t in Orlando.’”

Mandell’s disbelief was shattered when he saw blood near the parents’ bedroom door. He then demanded to see more proof by going inside the bedroom, where he soon saw the parents’ bodies.

While Mandell shockingly stayed at the party for at least 45 minutes longer, he called the Crimestoppers hotline upon leaving and told the police everything.

Arrested at his parents’ home, Hadley was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Murdered his own Parents, Disturbing story of Tyler Hadley