OLIVIA FARNSWORTH Now, World’s only Real Superhuman!

OLIVIA FARNSWORTH Now, World's only Real Superhuman!

The World’s Only Real Superhuman! Olivia Farnsworth!

Meet The World's Only True Superhuman, Olivia Farnsworth Now!

Who is Olivia Farnsworth?

Olivia Farnsworth is a fourteen year old girl, born and raised in Huddersfield, England. If you were looking at Olivia Farnsworth, you’d notice she’s a young teenage girl but not unlike the other girls her age.

However, Olivia Farnsworth is different from other girls her age, in fact, Olivia is very different.

OLIVIA FARNSWORTH Now, World's only Real Superhuman!

What Makes Olivia Farnsworth Different?

Meet The World's Only True Superhuman, Olivia Farnsworth Now!
Olivia Farnsworth as a small child with her mother.

Olivia Farnsworth was born with a rare condition named Chromosome 6 Deletion.

This condition normally causes the sufferer to lose one of three abilities. Those are…

  • Loss of the ability to feel fatigue
  • Loss of the ability to feel hunger
  • Loss of the ability to feel pain

As astonishing as it may sound, Olivia Farnsworth is the only person in recorded history, who has ever been documented to have all three symptoms.

Other patients suffering from chromosome 6 deletion show only one symptom of the condition. They lose one of the three abilities listed above, but never all three simultaneously.

This is why Olivia Farnsworth is so unique. Doctors studying Olivia Farnsworth now refer to her as the “Bionic Girl”. However, the reality is very different.

Instead of being the bionic girl, Olivia has to be very cautious just to stay alive. She’s had numerous incidents throughout her life where here condition has almost killed her. Below I’ll list a few notable incidents.

Olivia Farnsworth as a baby

As a toddler, Olivia’s mother noticed she didn’t nap as children her age normally would. Stranger still, Olivia Farnsworth never cried as a baby, never. As far as her mother could remember, Olivia didn’t seem to show any emotions at all.

Finding this odd and in search of answers, Olivia’s mother scheduled a doctor’s appointment. However, the doctors assured her Olivia Farnsworth was an average little girl and she had no reason to worry. As doctors would soon discover, they were wrong!

Finding Out Olivia Farnsworth, wasn’t an Average little Girl!

Olivia Farnsworth’s wasn’t diagnosed with Chromosome Six Deletion until she was five years old.

That’s when Olivia suffered a terrible fall which ripped off half of her bottom lip. (Seen in the image below).

Meet The World's Only True Superhuman, Olivia Farnsworth Now! Olivia Farnsworth after her fall which ripped off half of her bottom lip.
Olivia Farnsworth after the fall which ripped off half of her bottom lip.

The fall resulted in Olivia needing immediate emergency surgery. However, her calmness in such a traumatic situation and the fact that she didn’t seem to feel the pain at all, shocked the doctors.

Visits with specialists followed and it was concluded that Olivia Farnsworth had Chromosome Six Deletion Syndrome.

Finally her mother had the answers she’d been seeking.

Olivia Farnsworth is Struck by a car in 2016!

In 2016, Olivia Farnsworth was involved in an even more horrendous accident. While out with her mother, Olivia Farnsworth was struck by a car which would drag her over 100 feet along the asphalt before coming to a stop.

Once the car stopped moving, Olivia didn’t scream as most people would after such an ordeal. She didn’t begin crying, she didn’t even wait for help to arrive, instead Olivia Farnsworth immediately stood up and walked towards and comforted her terrified mother.

Luckily, she made a full recovery from the accident.

Olivia Farnsworth’s condition is lethal as she needs to avoid dangerous circumstances at all times.

Olivia Farnsworth Now

Today Olivia Farnsworth is fourteen years old and one of five children living with her mother and father in Huddersfield, England. She doesn’t have a social media account and appears to be keeping a low profile.

An image of Olivia Farnsworth Now at age 14.
Olivia Farnsworth at age 14!

Is Olivia Farnsworth a Superhuman?

Is Olivia Farnsworth now a superhuman? Some people think so, but truthfully, she is not.

Instead of a power, it’s actually a limitation. Feeling pain and hunger are the first line of defense for the human body.

Pain is a signal for danger indicating that some portion of our body is damaged.

Hunger is a sign the body is in need of energy.

When you feel hungry, you eat. If you couldn’t feel hunger, the carbohydrate, protein, and energy level of your body would decrease and you’d never feel it.

You could become unconscious or even die due to hunger, without ever realizing you needed to eat.

If you never slept or felt the need to sleep, the working efficiency of your brain would decrease.

So, even though it may seem like Olivia Farnsworth has advantages, the truth is she doesn’t.

She is actually disadvantaged and has to be extra careful everyday of her life just to continue functioning normally. The things you take for granted , she has to be cautious not to die from.

My First Thought on Olivia Farnsworth Now, The World’s Only True Superhuman

Olivia Farnsworth now is a story that has truly grabbed my attention. To be the only person on the planet lacking the ability to feel hunger, pain or fatigue is truly amazing.

But imagine your life day to day if you were diagnosed with chromosome 6 deletion. I’m not sure it would be an amazing life at all.

Even worse, imagine having a child diagnosed with the condition. Protecting a child is hard enough under normal circumstances but a child who lacks the ability to feel fatigue, hunger or pain. That my friends, is nightmare fuel!

What do you think? Would you like to have this condition? Do you think it would be a positive or a negative?

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Olivia Farnsworth Now, The World’s Only True Superhuman

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