Mans Lungs Collapse During Intense MasturbatIon Session

Mans Lungs Collapse During Intense MasturbatIon Session

Mans Lungs Collapse During Intense MasturbatIon Session!

Mans Lungs Collapse During Intense MasturbatIon Session

According to the journal Radiology Case Reports, a 20-year-old man from Switzerland was hospitalized with a torn lung and air inside his chest cavity after what must have been one hell of a masturbation session.

As a 6′ 2″ – 150 lb eighteen year old, I experienced what’s called a spontaneous pneumothorax. Which means my lungs collapsed for no reason (doctors say it’s common in tall skinny males).

It actually happened to me on three separate occasions from 18 – 21 years old. So, I have some sense of the pain this guy felt, but not the embarrassment.

One Hell of a Masturbation Session!

The patient claimed he had been lying in bed having an intimate meeting with his hand. When he started having trouble breathing and soon developed a sharp pain in his chest.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but that’s not something that’s supposed to happen when masturbating, or so I’m told.

The pain became so severe, the man decided it was time to go to the emergency room.

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Mans Lungs Collapse During Masturbation session

Take My Breath Away!

After arriving at the hospital’s emergency room, the man was quickly sent to the ICU. He seemed fine, but his increased chest pain worried doctors.

He had a history of mild asthma, but was otherwise a healthy young man. He informed doctors he didn’t smoke or use drugs, and he hadn’t been coughing or exercising heavily.

The doctors noticed that the man’s face was swollen. They could also hear a rasp in his throat during breathing.

To find out the cause of his symptoms, the doctors gave the man a CT scan and X-rays. The results revealed the issue.

“[A CT scan] of chest and neck showed profound pneumomediastinum with subcutaneous emphysema reaching up until the base of the skull,”

The Case Report Reads

In English that means, the man had torn his lung while masturbating. Resulting in air leaking out of his lungs and into his chest cavity.

Painful but not Life Threatening!

Luckily, this condition isn’t particularly dangerous, despite the severe pain a leaky lung causes.

According to the authors of the report, Pneumomediastinum usually fixes itself as the body absorbs the air back into the lungs.

The doctors gave him Paracetamol, which successfully relieved his pain but a medical procedure wasn’t necessary. Although he did stay in the hospital for three nights as a precaution.

Pneumomediastinum is a relatively rare condition that usually occurs in young men after strenuous exercise, coughing, or vomiting.

This guy has made medical history by masturbating so hard he ruptured his lungs.

“Since there is no literature on spontaneous pneumomediastinum with onset during masturbation, we consider our case an unusual presentation of this entity,”

The Doctors stated in the Report

Thank goodness the guy is ok. That would’ve been a strange tombstone.

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