Man Fined for Dog Riding Roof of his Car, “Says it was Dogs Idea”

Man Fined for Dog Riding Roof of his Car, "Says it was Dogs Idea"
Man Fined for Dog Riding Roof of his Car, "Says it was Dogs Idea"

This story is a bit older but while writing about dumb traffic laws I came across it. I assumed people had enough common sense not to let their dog ride on the roof of the car but I guess not.

In 2015 a dog owner from Taiwan who was fined £500 for letting his pet stand on top of his car while driving, told police it chose to get on the roof.

He also thinks it’s alright because as he stated:

“And in any case I always drive slowly and we have never had an accident.’

Mr. Chen – Dog owner
Mr. Chen who let dog ride on the roof of car
Mr. Chen

Mr Chen, who was travelling in the car with his wife Cheng Ling, 25, was caught after police who monitor the internet for signs of illegal activity, spotted the pictures when they went viral.

The pictures were handed to the Tamsui Police Station in Tamsui District allowing officers to track him down and slap him with a fine. 

They said no complaint had been made against the owner but that he was clearly breaking the law regardless of how slowly he was driving and would have to pay the fine.

His wife Cheng said the dog was often on the roof and they liked to allow it to climb up there if it really wanted to, but also admitted that they had been given a warning in the past by animal protection officers that it was dangerous.

The couple were widely criticised by online users for allowing the dog to put its life at risk.

One local Wu Chang posted:

‘A dog can’t be expected to know how dangerous it is to ride on the roof of the car but a responsible owner would never have allowed it in the first place. This is nothing better than animal abuse.’

Like he said he doesn’t go fast with the dog up there, lol. Some people are just dumb.

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Dog Owner Fined for Letting his Dog Ride on the Roof of his Car