Man Arrested After purchasing & Reselling human remains on Facebook

Man Arrested After purchasing & Reselling human remains on Facebook
Man Arrested After purchasing & Reselling human remains on Facebook

Jeremy Pauley, 40, of Enola, Pennsylvania is charged with buying human organs from a woman in Arkansas for resale, according to East Pennsboro Township Police.

Pauley describes himself on his Facebook page as the owner/curator of The Grand Wunderkammer and the executive director and curator of the Memento Mori Museum.

The Grand Wunderkammer’s Facebook page describes the group as “vendors of the odd and unusual” and its events feature “museum exhibits, guest lectures, live entertainment, and so much more!”

The items he lists for sale on his page are described by Pauley as “medical bones,” “femurs,” “mandible bones”, “teeth,” and various other bones.

According to police, the investigation of Pauley began on June 14, when police received a phone call regarding suspicious activity at his home.

The tipster told police that a suspect, later identified as Pauley, was buying human body parts and selling them on Facebook, according to police.

Investigators went to interview Pauley at his Enola home, according to the criminal complaint affidavit filed against him.

During the interview, Pauley allegedly told police he was in possession of three full human skeletons and approximately 15 to 20 human skulls, according to the complaint.

Pauley described himself as a collector of “oddities” and said the items were purchased legally, according to police.

Investigators said the items appeared to be “very old” and that Pauley appeared to have acquired them from “a legitimate purchase,” according to the complaint.

On July 8, police say, they received another call regarding Pauley. The caller said they found additional human remains in the basement of Pauley’s home. The caller reported there were buckets of “human skin” and “human organs” in the basement, the complaint states.

Police executed a search warrant at the home and collected three to five buckets containing suspected human remains.

According to investigators, a forensic examiner later determined the buckets contained:

Further investigation determined Pauley was purchasing the remains from a woman in Arkansas, whom police identified as Candace Scott. An examination of Facebook Messenger exchanges determined Pauley had purchased several human remains from Scott for $4,000, including:

Police say the items were shipped to Pauley via U.S. Postal Service. State Police were able to intercept the human remains in Scranton, according to the complaint.

District Attorney Sean M. McCormack called the case “one of the most bizarre investigations” he has encountered in his 33 years as a prosecutor.

Investigators contacted police in Arkansas, who determined Scott was stealing the remains from a mortuary and sending them to Pauley to be resold. The remains were determined to belong to the University of Arkansas, according to the complaint.

Jeremy Pauley is currently free after posting bail of $50,000, according to court records. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 14.

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