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Who is Adam Church to Luke Combs? Combs Features Friend in Music Video

Who is Adam Church to Luke Combs? Combs Features Friend in Music Video.

Luke Combs friend Adam Church highlighted in new video "Doin This" Who is Adam Church to Luke Combs?
Good Guy Luke Combs

Who is Adam Church To Luke Combs?

Long story short and the quickest answer to “who is Adam Church to Luke Combs” is they played the bar scene together for years.

During this time, they grew extremely close which is the reason Luke Combs is highlighting Adam Church in his video.

Luke Combs Features Adam Church In Music Video for “Doin This”

Luke Combs is a great guy. Of course, I don’t know the singer/songwriter personally. His character shines through anytime you hear the man speak. The latest thing showing how great a guy and apparently an even better friend, is what he’s done with his newest music video.

In the music video for the song “Doin this” he features his long time friend and playing buddy Adam Church. The two singers beat the road together, both trying to make their dreams come true. Luke Combs put it this way when talking about the two friends on the road,

He’s been, you know, a huge part of my musical journey. You know, since the very beginning, you know, he helped me out, you know, back when I didn’t have anything going on. And, you know, we kind of just started playing together. And we played so many, so many shows together, you know, on stools, setting up our own little PA systems. And, you know, he’d let me borrow his guitar some times and vice versa.

You know, somebody would have some guitar strings, and the other one couldn’t afford any. And, you know, he’s still chasing his dream of doing what he wants to do. And it just felt like something that was very important to me to shine a light on somebody that, you know, has been so helpful and beneficial to me.”

Luke Combs when asked who is Adam Church to Luke Combs?
Adam church luke combs friend. Who is Adam Church to Luke Combs?
Adam Church

Luke found success before Adam but he is determined to do his part to shine a little light on his good friend. Luke Combs knows without Adam Church he probably wouldn’t be where he is today and he knows it could’ve just as easily been Adam that hit it big first.

I believe it shows the character of Luke Combs and personally makes me like him that much more.

Why don’t more singers do this? Why does it seem as if they hit mainstream and forget the people that helped them along the way?

Back before Colson Baker, aka “Machine Gun Kelly” started wearing pink suits everywhere he went and when I actually enjoyed his music. Before Eminem ran him out of rap with the diss track “killshot“. He talked about and even wrote entire songs about the way him and his crew were going mainstream together or not at all.

Well, it’s safe to say he’s gone mainstream, with his newest album is titled “Mainstream Sellout”.

Machine Gun Kelly
Colson Baker aka. Machine Gun Kelly

Let me ask you a question, have you heard of one of the crew Machine Gun Kelly ran with before he started wearing those pink suits I mentioned earlier? I’ll give you a minute to think…….just one, I only need one……..No? Didn’t think so.

Not to bash on Machine Gun Kelly, well yeah, I guess I’m bashing on MGK but I’m not trying to. I’m only using him to make a point. He’s not alone. Most people hit it big and completely forget about the people that struggled with them along the way.

Luckily for Adam Church, Luke Combs isn’t most people.

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Who is Adam Church to Luke Combs?