Kamarie Holland Murdered after Mother Sells 5 year old Daughter Into Sexual Servitude

Kamarie Holland Murdered after Mother Sells 5 year old Daughter Into Sexual Servitude

Kamarie Holland Murdered after Mother Sells Her 5 year old Daughter Into Sexual Servitude!

Kamarie Holland was a 5 year old little girl who was sold into sexual servitude to a man named Jeremy Tremaine Williams by her mother Kristy Siple. Williams eventually murdered Kamarie Holland and left her in an abandoned house. This is the story of Hollands murder.

5 year old Kamarie Holland & Kristy Siple Mugshot!

Disclaimer: Both suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Kamarie Holland was an intelligent and beautiful five year old little girl in East Alabama. She lived with her father, Corey Holland, who had primary custody of his daughter. On weekends she would be transferred into her mother’s custody.

According to police records, Kamarie Holland was sold into sexual servitude by her mother, Kristy Siple, to a monster named Jeremy Tremaine Williams.

It all started with a phone call to 911 by Kristy Siple?

It all started on December 13th of last year, when Kristy Siple called 911 to report her child missing. Later that same day, police would find the defiled body of Kamarie Holland in an abandoned house less than 10 minutes away from her mother’s home. Police have stated that she likely died of asphyxiation, and there was evidence of sexual abuse.

Murdered in the presence of her mother!

5 year old Kamarie Holland.
5 year old Kamarie Holland.

According to court documents, Jeremy Williams recorded himself sexually abusing Kamarie Holland. He strangled her to death before recording himself having sex with her tiny corpse.

All in the presence of her mother, Kristy Siple. After murdering the child, he carried her defiled body to an abandoned house just ten minutes away from her mother’s home, where the crimes are thought to have occurred.

The Arrest of Jeremy Tremaine Williams!

Jeremy Tremaine Williams Mugshot!
Jeremy Tremaine Williams Mugshot!

At this time, it’s not known how he was identified, but police were able to quickly name Jeremy Tremaine Williams as a suspect and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

However, it is known that Jeremy Williams previously lived in the abandoned house where Kamarie Hollands body was found.

Jeremy Tremaine Williams Charges:

Jeremy Tremaine Williams and Kristy Siple’s Relationship!

The Sherriff’s Office has said there was a relationship between Siple and Williams but that the relationship was not romantic.

Williams is thought to be a drug dealer in the area and it’s possible he gave Kristy Siple drugs in exchange for sexually abusing her daughter. It’s unclear how many times this sickening transaction had taken place in the past.

The Arrest of Kristy Siple!

Kristy Siple Mugshot!
Kristy Siple Mugshot!

The original release from the Sherriff’s office did not indicate that Siple was a suspect or a person of interest in the crimes. Details of the case had been minimal since the judge issued multiple gag orders, making information difficult to obtain.

On Dec. 27, things took a turn when an Alabama District Judge issued four warrants for the arrest of Kamarie Hollands mother, 35-year-old Kristy Siple. Three of the charges relate to the murder of Holland, and the fourth is a charge for human trafficking.

Kristy Siple Charges:

Jeremy Tremaine Williams insanity Defense!

Jeremy Tremaine Williams has entered a plea of not guilty by reason of “mental disease or defect”.

That means the next step in the case against Jeremy Tremaine Williams is a psychological evaluation conducted by the state of Alabama.

Were a jury to accept that defense, it would not set Williams free. Jeremy Tremaine Williams would be sent to an institution for the criminally insane.

My Thoughts!

In my mind, anyone who is capable of doing the dispicable acts described in the court documents of this case, has to be insane. However, this doesn’t mean he shouldn’t go to prison. He knew what he’d done to this baby girl was wrong or he wouldn’t have hid the body.

If he’s found guilty of these crimes, which he will be, since he’s claiming insanity, he’s basically admitting to murdering this child. Not to mention the fact, he recorded himself in the act of raping and murdering Kamarie Holland.

If ever someone deserves the death penalty, it’s Jeremy Tremaine Williams! As well as Kamarie Holland’s so called mother, Kristy Siple. Give them both the chair and let them rot in hell together!

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Kamarie Holland Murdered after Mother Sells 5 year old Daughter Into Sexual Servitude