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Joke (8-20-2022) Free Haircuts!

Joke (8-20-2022)

Free Haircuts!

joke free haircuts Joke (8-20-2022) Free Haircuts! Jokes

A priest goes to the barber. When the haircuts done, he asks the barber how much he owes.

“All free, I consider it a service to God”

The next morning when the barber goes to work, he sees flowers & a Bible on the doorstep. A thank you card from the priest was lying next to them.

A policeman enters, asking for a trim. When the barber is finished, the policeman asks how much he owes.

“No charge, I consider this a service to the Lord above”.

The next day when the barber gets to work, there’s a box of donuts and a thank you card on the doorstep.

That afternoon, a senator comes in for a haircut. When the barber is finished, he tells the surprised senator that there is no charge, as he considers it a service to God.

When the barber goes to work the next day, there’s a long line of senators waiting for haircuts!

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Joke (8-20-2022) Free Haircuts!