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Hunter S. Thompson Funeral Was paid for by Johnny Depp

Hunter S. Thompson Funeral Was paid for by Johnny Depp!
Johnny depp pays for Hunter S Thompsons ashes to be shot out of a cannon

On August 20, 2005 Johnny Depp gave his friend and the creator of “gonzo journalism”, Hunter S Thompson, a grand send off at a personal cost of over $3 million dollars.

A self-inflicted gunshot wound ended the life of 67 year old Hunter S. Thompson, who had been living with severe pain for a number of years.

As was his wish, his ashes were blown into the sky out of a custom built, 153 foot cannon tower. The extravagant tower was paid for in full by Johnny Depp.

“All I’m doing is trying to make sure his last wish comes true,” said Depp at the time. “I just want to send my pal out the way he wants to go out.”

Johnny Depp

The notable names joining Depp at the private funeral included, Sean Penn, Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson, and Senators John Kerry and George McGovern. The next day The New York Times reported on the event.

WOODY CREEK, Colorado — With a deafening boom, the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson were blown into the sky from a 153-foot (47-meter) tower as relatives and a star-studded crowd bid an irreverent farewell to the founder of “gonzo journalism.”
As the ashes erupted from the tower’s pinnacle, red, white, blue and green fireworks lit up the sky late Saturday over Thompson’s home for nearly 10 minutes as the crowd cheered. The actual blasts with the ashes took about 30 seconds.
“I’ll always remember where I was when Hunter was blown into the heavens,” Thompson’s neighbor Rita Sherman said.

The Funeral of Hunter S. Thompson

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The first half of the video is of Hunter S. Thompson planning his funeral some 20 years before it takes place.

In the second half of the video you see the cannon shooting Thompson’s ashes into the night sky along with fireworks and music.

Everyone needs a friend like Johnny Depp.

Facts about Hunter S Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson Funeral Was paid for by Johnny Depp