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John Stewart Defends Joe Rogan on “The Problem With Jon Stewart”

Joe Rogan Defended by John Stewart on Spotify Controversy!

John Stewart Defends Joe Rogan on “The Problem With Jon Stewart”

John Stewart Defends Joe Rogan on “The Problem With Jon Stewart”

Meanwhile, Jon Stewart, on his most recent The Problem With Jon Stewart podcast, said Rogan was being targeted with “overblown rhetoric” and that he didn’t “see Rogan as an ideologue in any way.” He noted a Rogan interview where a guest corrected the podcaster on an anti-vax talking point, and Rogan looked it up online and admitted he was wrong.

Tucker Carlson, in that situation, never would have looked it up and would have given that look he gives like somebody is giving him a confusion enema, like they’re just firing confusion up his ass,”

“Joe is like, ‘Oh, I didn’t get that,’ and, to me, that’s a person that you can engage with. He has four-hour conversations that are expansive and, he may say some things that are misinformation and may platform people that you think are wrong, but to single that out as something so egregious — I think there are dishonest bad actors in the world and identifying those is so much more important to me.”

John Stewart

So far, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills and Nash, India Arie, Brené Brown, Roxane Gay and Mary Trump have all said goodbye to Spotify in protest of Rogan’s content. Stewart said such performative gestures were a huge mistake.

“Eric Clapton is on platforms that [Rogan’s on] and he’s fucking psycho,” Stewart said of the rock legend and vehement anti-vaxxer. “Don’t leave. Don’t abandon. Don’t censor. Engage”

John Stewart

My Thoughts

I agree 100% with John Stewart on this issue. Joe Rogan is not a right wing ideologue the way the “left leaning” press portrays him. If you actually take the time to listen to his podcast you will clearly see he may lean a touch to the right on some issues. However, on others he leans to the left, which is healthy and should be normal.

The truth is everyone should be more like Joe Rogan, not less. The powers that be are terrified of Rogan showing people it’s ok to be a little left and a little right. People these days get in line with the left or the right and never take the time to listen to what the other side is saying.

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