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Howard Stern Black Face Video! Should He Also be Cancelled?

Howard Stern Black Face Video! Should He Be Cancelled along with Joe Rogan?

Howard Stern Black Face Video! Should He Be Cancelled along with Joe Rogan?

Rogan under Fire!

Joe Rogan is under fire from the mainstream media for racially charged comments he made on his podcast years ago. At least 110 episodes of the Joe Rogan experience have been taken down at Rogans request. However, for some people 110 episodes are not nearly enough. They want him removed from Spotify all together.

I’m not calling for Howard Sterns removal, I want to make that clear. I’m 100% against silencing people because you disagree with the things they say. All I’m pointing out is how ridiculous it is to take old audio and video clips and use them to cancel someone.

Stern is wearing black face and says the smelly nigger multiple times. howard sterns racist video comments. Joe Rogan Under Fire, Howard Stern Black Face Video Proves Old Clips are meaningless.

Howard Stern Black Face Video, (Includes Racist and vulgar language – Watch at your own risk)

If you are on the Amp version of this page follow This Link to watch the video

In the video which is absolutely terrible by the way. Howard Stern is in black face saying the N-word numerous times. However, the N-Word isn’t the worst of his racial slurs.

Watch the video if you dare and then explain to me how someone can be outraged over the (by comparison) tame comments made by Joe Rogan but not upset over this Howard Stern Skit.

If you’d prefer not to watch the video I can’t blame you. I’ll give you an idea of what he says below the video.

With his face painted in black face he’s acting as if he is Ted Danson speaking to Whoopi Goldberg.

In 3 different lines he calls her a “smelly nigger”

He calls her a “stinking coon”

Tells Robin the pretend black news anchor not to let the door hit her on her big black ass.

Believe it or not it gets worse than that, but I think you get the idea.

Is Howard Stern A Racist?

Do I believe Howard Stern is a racist? No, I don’t believe Howard Stern is or was a racist. But if you were to use this video as your determining factor it sure as hell seems that way, doesn’t it?

That’s the point I’m trying to make. A video clip or sound byte from years ago says nothing about Howard Stern or Joe Rogan today.

People Change!

As the years pass people evolve and their belief systems change. I promise you, you will not be the same person 5 years from now as you are today. The world changes and we as human beings learn, grow and change right along with it.

Once we gain insight into a flawed belief system we regret certain things we may have said or done. Using old clips from the past in an attempt to discredit someone and portray them as a racist is dishonest.

In my opinion most people understand Joe Rogan isn’t a racist. The fact is, the truth doesn’t matter. As always, the truth takes a backseat to the agenda being forced down our throats. Right now the agenda is shut Joe Rogan down.

Joe Rogan and Howard Stern are both comedians.

You also have to keep in mind both of these men are comedians. Which means just because they may say something, it doesn’t necessarily mean they believe it or hold it as a core value. They are performers. Joe Rogan performs on his podcast the same way Howard Stern performs in this video.

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Howard Stern Black Face Video! Should He Be Cancelled along with Joe Rogan?