Justin Trudeau Is the Son of Fidel Castro? Sure looks like it!

Is Justin Trudeau the Son of Fidel Castro? Sure looks like it!

Justin Trudeau is the Son of Fidel Castro? Sure looks like it!

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Is Justin Trudeau the Son of Fidel Castro?

If you’ve never heard the conspiracy theory suggesting Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro, I understand it can sound a little far fetched at first.

Maybe even a little crazy. I mean, how would Fidel Castro be the father of Canada’s Prime Minister? Nuts right? Wrong!

Of course, I can’t say for certain Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro. But, man oh man, do I lean towards believing it’s true.

The resemblance of Justin Trudeau to Fidel Castro is Remarkable!

If you compare images of Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro when both were in their early twenties it’s difficult not to notice the similarities.

In the video below I’ve taken a picture of both men and placed one on top of the other for comparison and it is shocking how similar they look. Honestly, they are damn near twins.

Justin Trudeau Is the Son of Fidel Castro? Sure looks like it!Justin Trudeau Is the Son of Fidel Castro? Sure looks like it!

Their heads are at slightly different angles in the 2 images and seperated by 50 years or so but their resemblance can’t be denied. Anyone stating these 2 men don’t look similar is flat out lying.

However, I understand you can’t build a conspiracy theory on looks alone. Even though their appearance suggests the possibility Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro, more is needed to build a decent conspiracy theory.

So, what would cause these suspicions other than the obvious resemblance of the two men? It’s time to move on to the actual facts and the juicy details.

For starters, Justin Trudeau is 3 to 4 inches taller than Pierre Trudeau (his supposed biological father). Guess who he’s the same height as? Yep, Fidel Castro.

 Justin Trudeau the son of Fidel Castro
( left) Justin Trudeaus supposed father Pierre Trudeau. (2 on the right) Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s Parents were Swingers and his mother Enjoyed Swinging Alone!

Is Justin Trudeau the Son of Fidel Castro?

So this is where it gets interesting… Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret were known swingers. Can you guess who the powerful swinging couple absolutely adored? I bet you guessed it again, didn’t you, Fidel Castro.

Another nail conspiracy theorists hang their hat on is Pierre and Margaret had a famously rocky marriage. She had affairs with US Senator Edward Kennedy, Jack Nicholson and Ryan O’Neal. Just to name a few!

The Trudeaus’ marriage ultimately ended amid rumours she was having an affair with Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones.

In her own words….

I believed my job on Earth was to procreate and be a pleasant sexual diversion for hard-working men.

Margaret Trudeau

I’m pretty sure Fidel Castro could be classified as a hard working man.

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Secret Rendezvous during the Trudeaus Second Honeymoon?

This is the big one, in April 1971, the Trudeau’s vacationed to the Caribbean, at some point the couple just happened to escape the prying eyes of reporters all around them and made their way to an undisclosed secret island.

They disclosed every island they visited on this trip but for some reason, asked the press to keep this one secret. Why?

Wouldn’t you know it, nine months ( a little over 8 1/2 months to be specific) after their island rendezvous, Justin Trudeau was born on Christmas day, 1971.


Conspiracy theorists think not!

The thought is, Castro was on this undisclosed island, which is only a stones throw from Cuba. It could’ve been a secret swingers party or a pre-planned meet up with family friend Fidel Castro.

Whatever it was, if this theory is to be believed, Fidel Castro impregnated Margaret Trudeau during that little island rendezvous.

Is Justin Trudeau the Son of Fidel Castro? Sure looks like it!
1976 Margaret Trudeau with both arms around Fidel Castro within minutes of supposedly just meeting the man.

Of course it’s unclear when/how the impregnating happened, but that’s not whats important! What’s important is, the son of Fidel Castro is running Canada!!! (I’m joking of course, or am I).

It’s true, the Trudeaus had a close relationship with the Cuban revolutionist/dictator.

To add some fuel to this fire…

Castro at pierres funeral
Fidel Castro at the funeral of Pierre Trudeau

When Pierre died Fidel Castro made the trip to his funeral.

Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro.
Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro

Also, when Castro died Justin Trudeau released an unusual heart-felt statement.

Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro.
Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro

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But is Justin Trudeau the son of Fidel Castro?

The one fact that puts a huge damper on this conspiracy theory is, Margaret Trudeau didn’t officially meet Castro until 1976. Which if true, would make this whole Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro theory impossible.

However, if the Trudeaus had met Castro before 1976 it would’ve been a secret meeting because before 1976 no Canadian Prime Minister met with Castro for political reasons.

But, look at the picture above, look at the way Margaret has her hands on Castro’s shoulders. Does that look like 2 people who just met 10 minutes before this picture was taken?

Last but not least, it’s thought Pierre Trudeau was impotent. He was a playboy well into his 50’s who failed to father a child. That is, until the vacation he took with his wife to a super secret island.

The conspiracy theory suggests Margaret and Pierre Trudeau may have asked or at least planned for Fidel Castro to Father their child, since Pierre wasn’t able.

I’m going to let Karen Leibowitcz from this medium article elaborate on this point.

“Margaret was a 23-year-old wild child who liked doing it the old-fashioned way. She had not finished doing drugs or sowing her wild oats. She was clearly attracted to men in positions of power, even some who were old and unattractive.

If Ted Kennedy met her qualifications as a sexual partner, Castro was bigger, stronger, thinner, handsomer, and more powerful. From the photos it seems obvious she was attracted to him.

Today we might remember Fidel Castro as an old man, but he was one of the most impressive people in the world back then, especially to fellow Marxists like the Trudeaus. He forcefully deposed a brutal dictator with a band of rag-tag rebels.

He turned Cuba into the Western world’s first Marxist country. He beat the Americans in an armed invasion by personally commanding the battle in a tank. He survived CIA coups and assassination attempts. He outlived two Kennedy brothers behind those attempts.

He was smart, charming, and funny. He was 6’3, strong, and an athlete who sported the frame of an American football player. He looked like he could beat up any other world leader, much less any competitor for Margaret Trudeau’s attention.

He was full of bravado, confidence, and masculinity and smoked cigars like a baller. Why would Pierre Trudeau chose anyone else to be the biological father of his children?“

In Conclusion to Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro.

I’m not saying I am 100% certain Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro. All I’m saying, is something seems awfully suspicious about it. Let me put forth an example that hits a little closer to home.

Imagine your aunt and uncle divorce due to your aunts infidelity. 20 years later your cousin Justin grows up to be 3 to 4 inches taller with a complexion that’s 3 shades darker than your pasty white uncle Pierre, besides that, Justin actually looks nothing like uncle Pierre.

However, your cousin has a remarkable resemblance to Fidel the family friend/handyman. Can you honestly claim, no one in your family would be suspicious of your aunt and Fidel’s relationship? Of course they would.

Its only the medias reluctance to seriously look into this story that it’s not a bigger scandal. You’ll notice the journalists who look into it, seem to claim it’s debunked without looking at all the evidence, specifically the little island getaway the Trudeaus made 9 months before Justin Trudeau was born. Why is that?

It’s nothing new for the media to cover for powerful people. It’s actually an unwritten rule in the job description. So, don’t be surprised when this comes out as a fact once Justin Trudeau is out of office. I won’t be.

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I suggest reading Karen Leibowitcz article on medium in full if the conspiracy theory Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro interests you.

Do you believe Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro?


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