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Athos Salomé the Modern Day Nostradamus – A Look into his Predictions of the future

Is Athos Salomé the Modern Day Nostradamus? According to a growing number of followers, the answer is a resounding, yes.

Is Athos Salomé the Modern Day Nostradamus? A look into his prediction of the Coronavirus
Athos Salomé


Since writing this article about Athos Salome I have received a few messages from him. He thanked me for posting this and for remembering his predictions. This small exchange proved to me what I’d heard about Salome. On top of being an extremely interesting and nice guy, he demonstrated a level of humbleness in these few exchanges many lose in his position. I Believe it is a perfect example of the mans character in a very positive light.

This may be the first time you’re hearing the name Athos Salomé but I’d be willing to bet, it won’t be the last.

Athos Salomé is a Brazilian born Parapsychologist living and working out of  Divinopolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Athos Salome was thrown into the spotlight after the coronavirus pandemic caught the entire world by surprise.


Because according to many, Athos Salome accurately predicted the Coronavirus pandemic all the way back in 2012.

Athos Salome’s accurate prediction of the Coronavirus pandemic 9 years in advance brought him increased notoriety.

With many even throwing around comparisons Nostradamus or Baba Vanga. Are these claims about Athos Salome being the modern day Nostradamus valid? There’s only one way to find out!

Who is Athos Salome and is he the Modern day Nostradamus or Baba Vanga?

I know what you may be thinking, but Athos Salome is a quiet person who prefers to live a normal life.

He doesn’t seek fame and unlike most so-called seers, has not promoted himself as the modern day Nostradamus. Although, the people he helps with his visions of the future, claim that’s exactly what he is.

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Athos Salome

Athos Salome was born October 2nd, 1986 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Salome began a career as a modeling scout before earning a Bachelor’s degree in Parapsychology.

For those of you wondering what Parapsychology is. Here is the definition according to Google.

“The study of mental phenomena which are excluded from or inexplicable by orthodox scientific psychology (such as hypnosis, telepathy, etc.).”

According to some, like Baba Vanga and Nostradamus before him, Athos is blessed with the gift of predicting the future. At the age of 12, he began discovering this unique talent, and has attempted to use it for the benefit of humanity ever since.

Athos Salome Accurately Predicts the Coronavirus Pandemic

In 2012 while speaking about the year 2020 Athos Salome stated…

“A universal change would affect everybody in the world – and things might get worse since that time. Athos took his words and which were taken accordingly.”

Athos Salome in 2012 speaking on 2020

On March 11th, 2020, Athos Salome declared that…

“The new CORONAVIRUS a scary pandemic, situation in which the infectious disease SARS-COV-2 was spreading rapidly and uncontrollably around the world”‘

At the beginning of March 2021, Athos Salomé said in his prophecy number seven

“The mutation now passes to animals, causing sadness in humans, who act recklessly, without thinking before committing cruel acts and using them as torturous research as well as extermination.”

Well, did Athos Salome’s prophecy number 7 come true?

On September 28, 2021, without treatment, covid cats are sacrificed in China. It continued to happen in Hong Kong, pet hamsters have been being sacrificed since January 2022.

On March 28th, 2021, before anyone had ever heard of the new Omnicron or Delta variants of Covid-19, Athos Salome made this prediction.

“The new COVID-19’s version will harm the earth horribly and will necessitate a lot of effort to deal with,”

It wasn’t long afterwards that the Delta variant started making it’s way through populations all over the world, shortly after Delta emerged, the even more vaccine resistant Omnicron variant followed close on its heels.

Apparently, the Man knows something the rest of us don’t.

It’s clear, many years in advance Athos Salome accurately predicted the year 2020 would be one of universal change. He also predicted more variants of Covid before they were mentioned by others.

Then you’ve got prophecy number 7 dealing with the virus passing to animals, which it ultimately did. These facts cannot be disputed, they were documented predictions prior to the events taking place.

The true question is, are they all just lucky guesses? Over and over again? Seems, highly unlikely. If it wasn’t luck then maybe it’s time to look to the paranormal for answers. One thing is certain, something is going on that humans have yet to comprehend?

Unfortunately for everyone on Earth, Salome has also predicted terrible events in the upcoming years 2023, 2024, and 2026, which, according to him, are set to be the worst years yet. As he believes, humans will realize they are the villains in their own story.

My Thoughts on “Is Athos Salomé the Modern Day Nostradamus?”

I believe there are people in this world with the extraordinary ability to tap into a spiritual realm, I haven’t got a clue what this power or force actually is, but I do believe it is possible.

Many humans find it hard to believe in the supernatural. The reason for this is in their reality, if they can’t understand something, it must not be real. This mindset more often than not comes from a place of arrogance and fear.

I may not be the most intelligent person in the world but I’m smart enough to know, I don’t know everything.

So, if Athos Salome has convinced people he’s the second coming of Nostradamus, who am I to claim they are wrong?

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Athos Salomé the Modern Day Nostradamus – A Look into his Predictions of the future

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