“I want mommy” Captivating Fictional Short Story!

"I want mommy" Captivating Fictional Short Story!

“I want mommy”Captivating Fictional Short Story

Written By: Mickey Bailey – for Unusuallyinteresting.com

Creative Writing Short Story – “I want Mommy”

“I want mommy”

A small sandy-haired girl speaks in a near whisper as she slowly wipes a single tear away from her flushed white cheeks and says,

“I want mommy”

This simple act revealed to Midas that this little girl had a strength well beyond anything a child of four or five years old should possess.

Midas had little doubt that she was terrified, however, due to his past experiences with children at this age. He’d expected this child to be hysterical by this point. Midas was grateful she wasn’t, it would make what he had to do next much easier.

The cries never stopped coming from the last girl unfortunate enough to find herself in the passenger seat of Midas’s SUV.

He had little doubt this child was doing her best to conceal the fear that had so obviously consumed her. Though she’d been asked numerous times, she had yet to reveal her name to Midas. The only words she would utter were,

“I want mommy”

Sensing a steady increase in the girl’s anxiety level, this time Midas decided to answer her,

“If you stop being sad and try to be nice to Mr. Midas, I’ll make sure your mommy gets to see you real soon. As a matter of fact, I guarantee you won’t be scared much longer.”

Midas nervously glances down at his wristwatch as he realizes he’s been riding around with this girl for much too long. He was out of time, a decision had to be made now and he’d never been accused of being indecisive.

He quickly pulled the vehicle into a parking lot, grabbed his phone and began taking photos of the child. He also felt the need to record a video of the terrified girl’s face, who was now in the fetal position in his passenger seat.

After taking all the photos and videos he desired, he began dialing a number into his phone. When a woman answered, he spoke calmly,

“Hi Cindy, there are some new photos being sent to you now. Get them on the net as soon as possible. You know which sites we use to distribute them.

Oh yeah, I’m still in possession of the girl. No, she became separated from her mother at the park and I put her in the truck.

Do what you do Cindy, this baby is terrified, all hands on deck, I’ll be there in less than five minutes.”

” Will do, Sheriff “ Cindy replies.

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“I want mommy”Captivating Fictional Short Story about a Childs Abduction