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How To Survive Buried Beneath The Rubble!

How To Survive Buried Beneath The Rubble!

How to survive underneath the rubble. How To Survive Buried Beneath The Rubble!

Becoming trapped underneath the debris of a fallen building has always been one of my nightmare scenarios.

I’ll go through the most important steps you can take to help you survive if you find yourself trapped underneath the rubble.

Surviving Beneath the Rubble!

If you survive an earthquake but end up trapped, you must be prepared to survive on your own with limited resources and space until rescuers can reach you. In order to improve your chances of survival, here are some important tips.

Stay Calm

As hard as it may be to do, you have to stay calm. When panicked you make quick and dangerous decisions that diminish your chance of survival.

Keep In Touch

If you have your phone, try calling, texting, or posting to social media. If none of those work, there may be an outage in the area. Turn off your phone to conserve the battery and try again every few hours.

Douse Flames

Don’t use a match or lighter to see where you are, as there could be a risk of explosion from gas leaks.

Breathe Easy

As dust settles from collapse, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth or your clothing if possible. Avoid any movement that kicks up more dust, as that continues to make breathing more difficult.

Signal for Help

You can call for help by tapping on a pipe or a wall. If you have a whistle use it instead of your voice, as yelling will tire you out very quickly.

Conserve Supplies

If you have any food or drink on your person or accessible in The void, ration it carefully; you don’t know how long you’ll need it to last.

Conclusion to Survive Underneath the Rubble!

Well, there’s a few not so easy to follow tips to follow if you actually find yourself underneath fallen debris. No matter how difficult if you want to increase your chance of survival you’ll try to remember these tips.

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How To Survive Buried Beneath The Rubble!