How do lobsters communicate? With Urine Of Course!

How do lobsters communicate? With Urine Of Course!

How do lobsters communicate? They Pee in Each Others Face!

How do lobsters communicate? They Pee in Each Others Face!

How do lobsters communicate?

Since starting I’ve come across some very strange things. Not all of them worthy of sharing here, some way too strange to share anywhere. However, judging purely through the lense of human interaction this is one of the strangest yet. While learning how do lobsters communicate I was shocked and you will be also.

Lobsters, you know the creatures slowly walking around in the tank at your local grocery store. Yes, the ones waiting to die, those lobsters regularly pee in each others face as a form of communication.

Not being a seafood eater it’s hard for me to imagine looking at one of these monstrosities and think, hmmm hmmm, looks delicious. But, I can look at them and want to know more, so.

To Learn How do lobsters communicate we’ve got to learn about Lobster urination, ready? Ok.

Lobsters release a number of pheromones when they urinate. There are still a few mysteries involved in the production and dispersal of these pheromones. What is currently the most accepted theory involves nephropore rosette glands.

In the diagram below, you can see the lobster’s bladder is located under the brain. These rosette glands are connected to the urinary tract, so they can produce pheromones and then introduce them into the urine stream.

How do lobsters communicate? They Pee in Each Others Face!

American lobsters (Homarus americanus) release this urine from nephropores at the base of their large antennae (that’s right, lobsters pee out of their heads).

Once released this urine is injected into the gill current produced by the lobster and this current projects the urine forward. It has been measured that lobsters can transmit urine signals up to SEVEN BODY LENGTHS ahead of them! That’s some pretty powerful urinary output.

When it comes to How do lobsters communicate it keeps getting weirder and weirder. Why does a Lobster pee out of it’s head?

A lobster’s claws, which are used for capturing prey and for defense, are located at the front of their body. Because of this, a lobster enters its shelter backwards. This way its first and best line of defense is facing the main entrance to its home.

Since it faces the opening of the cave, peeing out of their heads is the most direct route for the urine to reach the water around them.

To Communicate Lobsters Urinate in Each Others Face.

What about Lobsters peeing in each others face.

Whether you know it or not, lobsters don’t get along at all. Usually if lobsters come into each others’ territories they’re going to fight; they’ll definitely fight if both lobsters are male. They do this in competition for both the best shelters and for the right to mate with the hottest female in lobster town.

You might be asking yourself where does peeing in each others face come in?

Once a male has been crowned badass of lobster town he has to let all the finest lobster honeys know that he just whooped some ass. Since they weren’t lined up in bleachers watching the fight something about the winning lobster needs to be different.

Lobster Urine changes once they’ve determined a champion.

The thing that seems to be different is the smell of their urine. What is actually different in their urine isn’t entirely understood, but it is thought because he is “happy” that he won he may produce more serotonin which then changes the scent of his urine.

As discussed previously, the dominant male in the area has a more attractive scent and the females actually come to him. The females approach the male’s burrow and proceed to pee in his face.

The act of urinating in his face seems to reduce his aggression and he allows the female to enter his home. The female is allowed to remain in his burrow for up to two weeks before she must leave, allowing the next female in the area a chance to also mate with the dominant male. During this period of cohabitation the female’s urine is sending signals to other females to stay away from her man!

Wrapping up How do lobsters communicate

So you see, we may use words to communicate but who’s to say we wouldn’t be better off with less words and more pee to the face? Lol.

When you get to work in the morning, instead of simply saying hello to your coworkers, do what the lobsters do. Stand in the middle of your workplace and begin urinating on anyone in your vicinity. Let me know how that turns out for you.

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How do lobsters communicate? They Pee in Each Others Face!

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