Homeless Woman set on fire after argument

Homeless Woman set on fire after argument
Homeless Woman set on fire after argument

A violent argument culminated in a savage attack on a woman in the capital of Córdoba, when two people subdued her and set her on fire in the middle of a public thoroughfare, on a sidewalk. The dramatic event occurred on Sabattini street at 2700, in the Rivadavia neighborhood of the Mediterranean province. The victim, who lived on the street, is in serious condition and has nearly 50% of her body burned. From the investigation carried out, they managed to arrest the perpetrators of the aggression.

The event occurred this Tuesday in the city of Córdoba and because of the injuries, the woman remains hospitalized in intensive care at the Instituto del Quemado. The security cameras of different businesses allowed the attackers to be identified. In this way, police officers managed to arrest two people and the reason for the attack is being investigated.

The merchant Juan Pablo Guerrero witnessed the dramatic attack and recalled that minutes before, the victim had had a heated argument with two other people. In this regard, he indicated that a man and a woman lay down on the flowerbed located in front of the place where he works. Faced with this situation, he asked them to leave, but when they refused, he called the police and continued working.

At that moment, “another girl appeared with whom they began to argue and out of nowhere, while I was attending I saw a light,” Guerrero explained to Channel 10 of Córdoba . When leaving the premises, he indicated, “I see that the girl who arrived with the boy was there, the first one lying on the ground on fire.”

The boy who was with her and the girl who came second left,” he warned about the attackers, and reported that together with residents of the place they rushed to put out the flames and alerted the emergency services, who transferred the victim to the Instituto del Quemado where she remains hospitalized in serious condition.

As for the attackers, the man stated that it is a couple that usually frequents the area. In fact, he remarked that they are usually with “another group, all in a situation of street, drunk and on the sidewalk.”

The chief of duty at the Institute for Burns, Walter Contreras, reported that the 34-year-old woman is in a “reserved state.” In addition, he explained to Cadena 3 that she “at the moment she is in therapy to be assessed in her general condition” because the burns affected half of her body.

In this regard, he indicated that “approximately 50% of the body surface area is burned, in the thorax, upper limbs, and neck. At the moment we have no suspicion that the respiratory tract is affected, ”he clarified. Given the seriousness of her condition, the doctors wait to see how her evolution is during the first 48 hours hospitalized, since this is the period where the patient’s clinical picture can worsen.

Beyond the witnesses who heard the discussion and even saw the three protagonists of the discussion; The images from the security cameras were key to identifying the attackers. In this way, they managed to detain a 43-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman.

In the framework of the arrest, the police officers kidnapped a drum with fuel that would have been used to set the woman on fire. Despite the fact that it is being investigated whether she was intentionally burned or whether it was a self-harm; It was unofficially revealed that it would be an attack on the victim.