Did you know The Body of Lee Harvey Oswald was exhumed?

Did you know The Body of Lee Harvey Oswald was exhumed?
Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald
The Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald!

Did you know The Body of Lee Harvey Oswald was exhumed?

Everyone is aware of the name, Lee Harvey Oswald, the supposed assassin of President John F. Kennedy. What many are unaware of, is the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was Exhumed years after Kennedy’s assassination in an attempt to prove the body in Oswald’s grave, wasn’t really Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Conspiracy of Two Lee Harvey Oswald’s!

The idea that there was more than one Lee Harvey Oswald is one of many weird conspiracy theories suggested to explain President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. It is also the only one that eventually led graveyard diggers to exhume Lee Harvey Oswald’s corpse.

A restaurant owner and author named Michael Eddowes was convinced the Soviet Union replaced Lee Harvey Oswald with a soviet trained assassin and it was this assassin who returned to the United States in 1962 with his new wife and infant daughter.

The Evidence revealed by Michael Eddowes that Lee Harvey Oswald was an imposter!

Lee Harvey Oswald I'd card
The Id card of Lee Harvey Oswald!
  • •The passport and Marine Corps application papers created before Oswald went to Russia listed his height as 5-foot-11, but after his arrest the FBI reported Oswald’s as 5-foot-9.
  • •Marina, when she met Oswald in Minsk, had at first believed she was speaking to a native Russian with a Baltic accent.
  • •Upon Oswald’s return from Russia, family members noted that he had lost some hair and weight, while his complexion appeared ruddier.
  • •His autopsy records didn’t match his Marine Corps records regarding the number and position of scars on his arms.
  • •His autopsy failed to make note of a prominent scar from a childhood operation behind one of his ears

Convincing Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife to exhume his body!

After Eddowes failed attempt to get the Medical Examiner’s Office in Tarrant County to exhume Oswald, he convinced his wife, Marina Oswald to consent to the exhumation if he paid all expenses.

Marina had her own questions regarding the body of Lee Harvey Oswald due to a 1964 visit by government officials, who asked her to sign a stack of papers without explaining what they meant. She knew the papers had something to do with Oswald’s grave, but not exactly what, and the odd encounter led her to believe that Oswald’s remains had somehow been disturbed.

The Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald!

Did you know The Body of Lee Harvey Oswald was exhumed?
Exhuming the body of Lee Harvey Oswald!

Early in the morning of Oct. 4, 1981, the exhumation at the Rose Hill Cemetery finally began. Camera crews were banned, although news helicopters hovered in the sky, and Marina waited in a nearby car. Once the digging started, it became clear that Oswald’s concrete vault had cracked, and water damage had caused the coffin lid to partially cave in, exposing the remains.

Workers covered the dilapidated coffin in a white sheet, and drove it the 35 miles to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas in a hearse.Once the body arrived at Baylor, the exhumation team—led by Assistant Dallas County Medical Examiner Linda E. Norton—conducted a brief examination, which found the body still clad in the dark brown suit in which Oswald had been buried.

Did you know The Body of Lee Harvey Oswald was exhumed?
The coffin of Lee Harvey Oswald!

The corpse was well on its way to being completely decomposed, but that didn’t matter to the forensic team, because the only thing they really needed was Oswald’s head. The plan was to take a set of dental X-rays and compare them to a set produced while Oswald was in the Marines. The team also wanted to look for a small crater behind one of the corpse’s ears, to see if it matched records of the scar left by Oswald’s childhood mastoidectomy (a procedure used to repair skull damage after an ear infection).

Forensic odontologists who compared the corpse’s teeth to Oswald’s dental X-rays found that three of the teeth in the corpse’s skull were exactly the same shape as in the documents, while other teeth and pulpal were very similar.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Teeth after Exhumation!
Lee Harvey Oswald’s Teeth after Exhumation!

In addition, the mastoidectomy scar was clearly present on the left side of the skull. At a press conference a few hours after the exhumation, Norton stepped before the microphone and announced, “We, both individually and as a team, have concluded beyond any doubt, and I mean beyond any doubt, that the individual buried under the name Lee Harvey Oswald in Rose Hill Cemetery is, in fact, Lee Harvey Oswald.”

The Aftermath of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Exhumation!

Lee Harvey Oswald with his wife Marina Oswald and Oswald's daughter!
Lee Harvey Oswald with his wife Marina Oswald and Oswald’s daughter!

After the exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald, Marina said she was happy to have some answers, and wanted to go on with her life. Eddowes, ever the gentleman, issued a statement saying that he was “surprised” by the results, but “in no way disappointed in the apparent disproving of my evidence of imposture.”

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Did you know The Body of Lee Harvey Oswald was exhumed?