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Did You Know Some People Have A Visible Toilet In The Basement?

Did You Know Some People Have A Visible Toilet In The Basement?

Did You Know Some People Have A Visible Toilet In The Basement?
Pittsburgh toilet

A Pittsburgh toilet, often called a “Pittsburgh potty”, is a common fixture in pre-World War II houses built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States and surrounding regions.

What is a Pittsburgh Toilet?

It normally consists of an ordinary flush toilet installed in the basement, with no surrounding walls. Most of these toilets are paired with a crude basement shower apparatus and large sink, which often doubles as a laundry basin.

Deep Fried Wikipedia - A Pittsburgh Toilet (actually a genius idea).
Pittsburgh Toilet

Also, because western Pennsylvania is a steep topographical zone, many basements have their own entryway, allowing homeowners to enter from their yard or garage, cleanse themselves in their basement, and then ascend their basement stairs refreshed.

But Why Install a Pittsburgh Toilet?

Its primary function was to serve as a cleanup station for steel mill workers to clean up after returning from work. The toilet fixtures would also limit the harm of sewage backups in hilly Pittsburgh, providing a lower, flushable outlet than the main part of the house.

What’s the origin of the Pittsburgh Toilet.

These toilets largely prevented sewage backups from flooding the livings area of the home. Sewage backups tend to flood the lowest fixture in a residence, a Pittsburgh toilet would be the fixture to overflow.

As Pittsburgh was historically an industrial town, toilets such as these were said to be used by steelworkers and miners; grimy from the day’s labor, they could use an exterior door to enter the basement directly from outside and use the basement’s shower and toilet before heading upstairs.

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