Did Kanye West Threaten to Murder Pete Davidson in a music video?

Did Kanye West Threaten to Murder Pete Davidson in a music video?

Did Kanye Just Threaten to Murder Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson's claymation figure in kanye west video.
Character From the video.

Video is at the bottom of the page.

Why Kanye? Why?

In a newly released video, Kanye West appears to murder Pete Davidson.

Kanye West released a claymation style music video in which he kidnaps and murders a character who looks like Pete Davidson. There is absolutely no mistaking who the character in the video is supposed to represent.

Kidnapping Pete Davidson!

In the video Kanye rides a motorcycle to kidnap Davidson. He places a sack over his head and magically his motorcycle somehow transforms into a 4 wheeler which he ties Davidson to the back of.

Kanye with davidson on the back of a 4 weeler.
In case you haven’t been paying attention I added arrows to show who’s who, lol. I’m just joking I know you haven’t been paying attention. The video you’re looking for is at the bottom.

Pete Davidson is Buried!

We then see Davidson buried up to his neck with the sack still over his head.

Davidson with the bag over his head buried.

Kanye then throws Rose seeds on his head and waters him. Very strange stuff even for Kanye.

Kaye watering davidson.

Growing a Pete Davidson Rose Bush!

Apparently, Kanye leaves Davidson buried neck deep for quite some time because the Rose bush fully blooms and he’s still alive.

Davidson with a rose bush.

Davidson loses his head!

However, Davidson wouldn’t remain alive. It never shows Kanye kill Davidson but at the end of the video Kanye is holding a head as he sings. It’s not clear if this is the same head that’s buried or not.

Kanye holding pete davidsons head.

We also get this scene which I’m not positive if he’s supposed to be dead or alive here.

Davidsons head

Very Dangerous Video By Kanye West!

The thing is, Kanye is kind of crazy. I don’t even follow the guy that closely and I know that much and he seems rather impulsive. With the way he’s acted during this very public divorce from Kim Kardashian you never really know what he might do.

He’s got enough money that anything he wants to get done, will get done. But, I don’t think that’s what should worry Pete Davidson.

The thing that should make him nervous is Kanye’s fans. There has to be 1 or 2 crazy Kanye West fans who will believe if they kill Pete Davidson Kanye will somehow love them or become friends with them or something. People are crazy.

Kanye knows this is a possibility, he has to know it. It may even be why he did it. Wishing someone with nothing to lose will hurt Pete Davidson in the hopes of making Kanye happy.

Either way this was highly irresponsible of Kanye West. Highly irresponsible and very childish and I just hope Pete Davidson has a few bodyguards around him for a while.

You can watch the entire video below.

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Did Kanye Just Threaten to Murder Pete Davidson?