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Boy with Rare Disorder: Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Have you ever heard of uncombable hair syndrome? Neither had Katelyn Samples a mother from the state of Georgia. That is until her child Lock Samples was diagnosed with the 1 in a million genetic disorder.

Lock samples, uncombable hair syndrome

Apparently it doesn’t cause the child any harm other than a constant finger in the light socket hair do. I mean look at that head, my guess is that he’s going to own a very large collection of hats.

The truth is if your going to be born with a rare disorder this isn’t a bad option, considering it doesn’t cause any health problems.

There is a slight chance that Lock’s hair might turn normal as he reaches puberty. But even if it doesn’t, Samples doesn’t care.

“I love it. We’re so proud of it. I think it’s cool to have something that lets you stand out,” she said.

You can watch the original news coverage in the video below.

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