“Beast of Jersey” The Disturbing Story of Edward Paisnel

"Beast of Jersey" The Disturbing Story of Edward Paisnel

Disturbing True Stories – Part 2

“Beast of Jersey” The Disturbing Story of Edward Paisnel.

"Beast of Jersey" The Disturbing Story of Edward Paisnel, featured

Edward Paisnel seemed like a family man

Edward Paisnel seemed like a loving family man. He lived on the remote Channel Island of Jersey with his wife and her children.

He was always happy to help orphans — even dressing up as Santa Claus for them at Christmas. An arrest for stealing food to share with starving families appeared to be his only blemish.

Then the disturbing truth came out.

Jersey had been terrorized by a masked figure dubbed the “Beast of Jersey” between 1958 and 1971. The anonymous intruder had abducted, tortured, and raped more than 13 people, most of them children. For years, no one knew that the “Beast” behind these disturbing crimes was Paisnel.

Paisnel’s first attack in 1957 involved the abduction of a young woman from a bus stop. That time, he wore a scarf around his face and approached her with a rope in his hand. Tying it around her neck, he forced her into a field and raped her before vanishing into thin air.

He repeated the same tactic a couple more times before he decided to start invading homes.

"Beast of Jersey" The Disturbing Story of Edward Paisnel. Mask worn by edward paisnel.

Valentine’s day 1960

On Valentine’s Day 1960, a 12-year-old boy woke up to find the “Beast” in his bedroom. Paisnel then kidnapped the boy, dragged him to a field, and raped him there.

In March, Paisnel raped a woman who asked him for a ride. And soon afterward, he invaded a woman’s cottage and cut the phone lines, preventing her from calling the police.

She was able to flee the home, but her 14-year-old daughter wasn’t, so she was also raped.

Police suspect the wrong man!

Jersey police soon began questioning every resident with a criminal record, but 13 of them, including Paisnel, refused to provide their fingerprints.

This narrowed down their list a bit, but they got sidetracked when they zeroed in on a local fisherman who was known to be eccentric. At one point, residents were so sure the fisherman was guilty that a group of vigilantes burned down his house, causing the innocent man to flee.

Of course, the attacks continued after the fisherman left, proving the “Beast” was still out there. Finally, Scotland Yard arrived in Jersey to help the local police, and a criminal profile was soon constructed.

"Beast of Jersey" The Disturbing Story of Edward Paisnel mugshot

Edward Paisnel Taunts the police

Meanwhile, Paisnel wrote a taunting letter to cops in 1966 bragging about his crimes. But just a few years later, carelessness led to him finally being caught by mere chance.

Pulled over for running a red light on July 10, 1971, Paisnel was arrested after police found a terrifying mask in the car — along with a black wig, cords, and tape. In addition, he was wearing a raincoat with nails fitted on the cuffs and shoulders, and he had a flashlight on his person.

Edward Paisnel’s Sentence

After he was arrested, a search of his home yielded a secret room full of photos of local homes and books on the occult. In the end, Paisnel’s trial on November 29 led to just 38 minutes of deliberation before the jury found him guilty of 13 counts of rape, sexual assault, and sodomy.

For his crimes, Paisnel was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Shockingly, he was released for good behavior in 1991. But he died of a heart attack three years later, bringing his disturbing story to an end.

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