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Australian Nightclub Bans Staring Without “Consent” Of Other Person

Australian Nightclub Bans Staring Without "Consent" Of Other Person

An Australian nightclub is implementing a policy that bans individuals from staring at each other without prior consent of the person being stared at.

Club 77, a nightclub located in Sydney’s Darlinghurst neighborhood, posted on its website that it is considered “harassment” to stare at someone without their consent and that law enforcement may be called if patrons engage in that behavior, The New York Post reported.

“We operate a zero-tolerance policy on harassment of any kind,

Club 77 is not a place to come to if your sole purpose is to ‘pick up’. If you do come in and are approaching multiple people or giving unwanted attention to someone, you are going to attract the attention of our security, who have been instructed to stop this kind of behaviour.”

Club77’s Website States

The warning continues, “As a nightclub, we encourage you to interact with strangers, however any engagement MUST begin with verbal consent. This also applies if you are, for example, staring at someone from afar. If the attention you are giving someone is unwanted, that is considered harassment.”

The website states that a designated “Safety Officer” wearing a pink vest will be tasked with handling complaints and concerns related to the new policy and “offending individuals” will be removed from the club.

This kind of thing may be going a little too far!