8 Facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion

8 Facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion

8 Facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion.

8 Facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion.

Last night Russia knocked down Ukraine’s door in what amounts to a full blown unprovoked invasion. Unfortunately, alone, Ukraine is no match for the military might they are now facing.

However, unlike the military of Afghanistan, who turned tail and ran from the Taliban. The citizens of Ukraine will not be running. They are determined to stand their ground, defend their homeland and make Russia fight for every inch of land they take. They are no strangers to invasion and they aren’t willing to go down without a fight.

Let the words of the President of Ukraine tell you how they feel about it.

Without further ado, I present 8 facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion

1. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. At 603,628 square km, it stretches from Russia in the east to Poland in the west, with the Black Sea running along its southern border.

It’s nearly three times the size of the UK and beats the second biggest country, France, by 50,000 square km. The state is divided into 24 oblasts or counties.

Map of ukraine for 10 facts on ukraine. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. 8 facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion.
You can get a sense of it’s size from this map.

2. Ukraine has it’s own language & it’s one of the Most beautiful in the world.

The Ukrainian language is the only official language in Ukraine. Interestingly, the Ukrainian language was rated the 3rd most beautiful language, in 1934, behind French and Persian; it was also rated the 2nd most melodious, behind Italian.

In addition, many Ukrainians are bilingual: in many areas, you will find people who speak Russian or those who understand it.

3. The dominant Religion in Ukraine is Christianity.

The dominant religion in Ukraine is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which has heavily influenced Ukrainian architecture, literature, and music.

4. Ukraine has the worlds deepest Metro Station.

Arsenalna, along Kyiv’s Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska train line, is the world’s deepest metro station at 105.5 meters (346 ft) below the ground.

If you stare down from the top of the steep escalator into the dark depths of the metro below, it can be a hauntingly memorable experience.

The metros construction took place during the cold war era. With the cold war came the threat of nuclear bombs, which meant such deep stations could hopefully give some protection to the citizens of Kyiv from a nuclear blast.

8 Facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion. Ukraine has the deepest metro station in the world.

5. Ukraine has a temperate continental climate.

Ukraine has a mostly temperate, continental climate. Precipitation is disproportionately distributed; it is the highest in the west and north and the lowest in the east and southeast.

Winters vary from cool along the Black Sea to very cold farther inland. Average annual temperatures range from 5.5 °C (42°) in the north to 13 °C (55°) in the south.

Summers are rather mild with temperatures ranging from 17°C (63°) to 30 °C (86°).

6. Ukraine is home to Chernobyl.

Which I have just heard on the news Russia has now captured.

Ukraine was at the heart of one of the biggest catastrophes of the 20th century. Chornobyl Nuclear Powerplant exploded in 1986, leaving a once-thriving community of Ukrainians completely destroyed.

Recently, it has been possible for people to return to Chernobyl. Here, you can witness the destruction caused by this disaster, and understand yet another obstacle that Ukraine has managed to overcome as a country.

8 facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion.

7. Ukraine has a complex & bloody History

The history of Ukraine is incredibly interesting and complex. It has a geographic location which lends itself to Ukrainian land changing hands many times throughout the centuries.

Modern routes in Ukraine can be traced back to the Kyivan Rus, a powerful medieval state that thrived in the middle ages, but was struggling by the 12th century.

In the next few bloody centuries Ukraine was passed between the Mongols, Ottomans, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, with Cossack communities attempting to live independently in some areas of Ukraine.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, however, Ukraine was divided between the Habsburg Empire and the Russian Empire. By the 20th century, the Habsburg Empire had all but collapsed.

In 1918, Ukraine was annexed by the Soviet Union, a status that would characterize their existence throughout the 20th century, as the breadbasket of the USSR.

8. Ukraine is a Young Country

Moving on from Ukraine’s complex history, it is also one of the youngest countries in the world. It was in 1991 that the country finally achieved its independence. Such a feat gave many young Ukrainians hope that their country would thrive on its own in the near future.

The years succeeding this independence have still been difficult, with Russia continually flexing its muscles. But Ukrainians are proud, patriotic, and, undoubtedly as a result of their history, strong. Now Russia has decided Ukraine belongs to them again so we’ll have to see how this all plays out.


There you have 8 Facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion.

Ukraine cannot defeat Russia but she will put up one hell of a fight. The reason I decided to do this fact list on Ukraine. Is so a few more people understand the country a little better while they are watching the news coverage. Remember, this is pitiful display of bullying by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government. Don’t believe anything coming out of Russia which attempts to paint Ukraine as the aggressor. It’s nothing more than propaganda bullshit.

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8 Facts to know about Ukraine during the Russian Invasion