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50 Weird ways To Die

50 Weird ways To Die

50 weird ways to die

Unfortunately death is a part of life. People die everyday, you’re going to die, I’m going to die, we’re all going to die. With so much death happening all the time, weird deaths are bound to happen.

Below is a list of 50 Weird ways To Die.

This page isn’t going to elaborate on the deaths just list them. Right here I’d usually say, enjoy the 50 Weird ways To Die. However, I don’t know if you should enjoy this list or not. So, I’ll just say, I hope you learn something!

50 Weird ways To Die

  1. Falling out of bed – 450 people die from falling out of bed each year
  2. Randy Llanes impaled on the bill of a swordfish
  3. Falling off a ladder and being knocked out with their head underwater
  4. Man killed by his own explosive while trying to steal from a condom dispenser
  5. Hit by a coconut falling off a tree, approximately 150 people each year are killed by falling coconuts
  6. Man died after being stabbed in the eye with an umbrella
  7. A teenager taking a selfie with a loaded handgun shot himself in the throat
  8. US cyclist, Troy Earl Smith Jr, shot himself to death with a gun carried in his breast pocket
  9. Man crushed while moving a freezer
  10. Undertaker Marc Bourjade crushed by his own coffins
  11. Crushed by husband/wife while sleeping
  12. In 1975, Alex Mitchell laughed so hard at The Goodies ‘Ecky Thump’ episode that he died of heart failure
  13. Man is run over by his own vehicle
  14. Texan Michael Warner, 58, died of a lethal Sherry enema
  15. King Adolf Frederick of Sweden – the King who ate himself to death
  16. 24 people each year are killed by champagne corks
  17. Strangled by neckties or scarves
  18. Barry Pilgrim trampled by cattle in Derbyshire
  19. Peggye McNair and Mark Mere – trampled to death by camels on a farm;
  20. Alexandru Pop, 46, eaten by a drove of pigs
  21. Hit by golf ball, cricket ball or killed by a racing/rally car or motorcycle – killed while watching a sporting event
  22. A suicidal man who threatened to kill himself with a knife is shot dead by police
  23. Roger Wallace was killed by his own remote controlled plane
  24. Stepping backwards off of a cliff to help a photographer get you in frame
  25. Falling from the top of a lighthouse
  26. Falling off an inflatable artwork
  27. Accidentally falling into water
  28. Drowning in a barrel of mead
  29. Drinking too much water
  30. Killed by an industrial firework placed on the head
  31. Eating too many carrots
  32. Swung by your ankles by a clown and hitting your head – William Snyder died age 13 in 1854
  33. Falling off a theatre balcony
  34. Hit by a piece of falling scaffolding;
  35. Crushed by giant bale of hay falling on your van
  36. Hit by bullets fired in celebration
  37. Falling out of a tree
  38. Walking through a closed glass door and being cut to death
  39. Drowning in the bath
  40. Car engine hood shutting on your head
  41. A medicine ball to the head
  42. Stabbed during argument over game of Ludo
  43. Falling on to wine glass and cutting neck
  44. Kicked by a horse
  45. Burned to death while making a barbecue from an oil drum
  46. Dropping weights on yourself while doing presses
  47. Owner of the world’s longest beard tripped on it and broke his neck
  48. American lawyer Clement Vallandigham shot himself in a court room in 1871 while showing the jury how his client’s alleged murder victim had actually shot himself
  49. Eight people were killed in the London Beer Flood of 1814, when 135,000 gallons of ale burst out of the Meux and Company Brewery on Tottenham Court Road
  50. Death by carrot juice overdose. Basil Brown drank 10 gallons of juice in 10 days – overdosing on Vitamin A and suffering severe liver damage.

There you have it! 50 Weird ways To Die

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Discussion of 50 Weird ways To Die.

  • Which death do you think is the weirdest?
  • Have you heard of a weird way to die that’s not on the list?
  • In your mind, what’s the worst way to die?

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50 Weird ways To Die


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50 weird ways to die

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  1. I’ve always thought being killed in a fire would be a bad way to go but being crushed by my fat husband in bed like #11 would also be terrible.