41% of Gen Z in New York, Plan to become a Social Media Influencer!

41% of Gen Z in New York, Plan to become a Social Media Influencer!
41% of New York's Gen Z, Plan to become a Social Media Influencer. 41% of Gen Z in New York, Plan to become a Social Media Influencer!

A new survey from HigherVisibilty shows 1 in 4 members of Generation Z want to emulate the social media influencers they follow.

Influencers make millions of dollars through brand sponsorships and advertisements but are also subject to intense scrutiny online and off.

Sixteen percent of those surveyed said they would pay money to become an influencer.

A total of 1,000 individuals in the United States between the ages 16 and 25 completed the survey in July 2022. Results varied slightly by region. More than 40 percent of respondents in the West said they want to become a social media influencer, compared with 33 percent in the Midwest, 36 percent in the South and 39 percent in the Northeast. 

If we break the numbers down even further, data showed “41% of New York Gen Z’s intend on becoming an influencer in the future, whilst 30% from [Los Angeles] also feel the same way.”

According to authors, “just 7.13% of Gen Z responded that they would not want to be a social media Influencer.”

When asked, the majority of respondents guessed the average yearly income of an influencer was between $75,001 – $100,000, and many pointed to free products, earnings and meeting other influencers as the top perks of the profession. 

The survey revealed more men, at 20 percent, than women, 13 percent, feel being an influencer is the only career option for them, and 49 percent of males said they consider the path a “good career choice.”

Almost one in five Gen Z members said they would quit their job to become a social media influencer compared with over 12 percent who said they’d quit college to do so. 

A quarter of respondents also think there should be social media influencer training in high school. 

When it comes to parents’ responses, more 20 percent of individuals felt older generations didn’t understand social media influencing, and only 8 percent reported their parents like them using social media. 

I don’t believe this should be surprising in the least. The lifestyle these “influencers” portray seems perfect to the kids following them everyday because they’re designed that way. Of course Gen Z wants a life like their idols, the problem is, very few will actually become what they are dreaming of becoming.

Although, how is it different than when I was a child/teen believing I’d be a professional baseball player?

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41% of Gen Z in New York, Plan to become a Social Media Influencer