Can Men Be Allergic To Their Own Semen? Yes! Plus 3 More Rare Allergies

Can Men Be Allergic To Their Own Semen? Yes! Plus 3 More Rare Allergies

Can Men Be Allergic To Their Own Semen? Yes! Plus 3 More Rare Allergies!

4 of the Rarest Allergies, Including an Allergic Reaction to Semen! Can men be allergic to their own semen? & 3 more rare allergies!

While writing the post 4 Scientific Mysteries so Weird They’re Still Waiting To Be Solved, I came across a few rare allergies. Researching one I learned of people who are allergic to water. This made me wonder about other rare allergies people suffer from that I wasn’t aware of.

Me being me, I had to find out, so I began digging. After an grueling, exhaustive and back breaking 49 minute information cramming session. During which time, I also tried unsuccessfully to convince my wife to stand next me waving a giant feather and feed me grapes while wearing nothing but a gold chain.

Even though I now feel neglected, it brings me some semblance of joy to announce to you, I’ve found a 4 more unusually interesting but hard to believe allergies people suffer from on a daily basis.

So, find a comfortable seat and please make sure the Benadryl is within reach as I present to you 4 of the Rarest Allergy types, Including an Allergic Reaction to Semen in Men & Women!

Dermographism [People who are Allergic to Touch]

There are People who are Allergic to Touch! Dermographism. Can men be allergic to their own semen? & 3 more rare allergies!
The word written across this person back was caused by touch.

Dermographism which means “skin writing” is a type of physical urticaria. The condition was given this name because when a sufferers skin is touched the area will redden into a raised welp similar to hives. All it takes for this to happen is light pressure from a fingernail.

Sufferers can also develop this urticaria rash from tight clothing or from toweling off after a hot shower.

Dermographism affects about 4 percent of the population. The rash usually goes away on its own after about 15 to 30 minutes. Antihistamines can be used to control the itching caused by the allergy.


Some Women are Allergic to Semen!

Some women are allergic to semen. 4 of the Rarest Allergies People Currently Suffer From, Semen Allergies. Can men be allergic to their own semen? & 3 more rare allergies!
I’m guessing she didn’t know she was allergic before she… Um… You know.

There is a rare type of allergy affecting a small number of women. It is an allergy to their partners semen. Some estimates put the number of sufferers as high as 12% but other sources say it’s only 4% of women who suffer from the allergy. Regardless of the number, the symptoms of a semen allergy are the same. They include hives and swelling in the vaginal area after sexual intercourse.

If you or someone you know suspects they may have a semen allergy your doctor will do a skin test to make the diagnosis. The best treatment is to use a condom, but for women looking to become pregnant, an allergy shot is available to treat semen allergies. If that doesn’t work, artificial insemination is an option.

For some reason I feel like I typed the words “semen allergy” one too many times just now.

Unfortunately, I’m not Finished, Men can Be Allergic to Semen as well.

postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS). 4 of the Rarest Allergies People Currently Suffer From, Semen Allergies

Although it might sound like some absurd joke you’d hear in a bar around closing time. Some men really are allergic to their own semen. The medical term is known as postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS).

It involves flu-like symptoms shortly after each ejaculation. The most common symptoms involve headaches, fatigue, fever, hives and becoming quickly irritated. Some men also complain of having trouble concentrating.

( If I had POIS, I’d probably become irritated quickly also. For one thing, you’d never want to have an orgasm, that would make you grumpy enough on it’s own )

For men with Postorgasmic Illness Syndrome, symptoms begin about an hour after ejaculation and get worse in the days to come before getting better.

( And it last for days? My Lord! There’d be no, “getting irritated quickly”, my ass would stay irritated constantly. )

Scientists aren’t sure what causes the syndrome. Only that something in their semen is triggering an immune response that is unpleasant.

( Unpleasant is the mildest way I know to describe the pure torture this allergy seems to be. Brother, if you have this allergy, I truly feel for you. Thankfully the only thing I’m allergic to is people. )

Did you know you can still die from these ancient illnesses?

People are even Allergic to Coins!

Coin allergy. Can men be allergic to their own semen? & 3 more rare allergies!

Certain people who, I’m sure, hate money, develop a rash on their hands after handling coins. This reaction is caused by a type of contact dermatitis. Which is a reaction to nickel, one of the metals coins are made of.

Nickel is a silvery metal that’s mixed with other metals to form alloys. It’s found in coins, jewelry, zippers and many other products, and if you’re allergic to it, you can develop a rash wherever nickel comes in contact with your skin.

The same as with other allergens causing contact dermatitis, the best treatment is to avoid the substance, (No Shit) take antihistamines after exposure, and apply a topical steroid cream when a rash develops.


I feel sorry for people who are allergic to coins and being allergic to touch would suck also but for a man to be allergic to his own semen is one of those Hitler in a past life type punishments.

Not only to be allergic, but for the symptoms to last days. I’m going to say it again, Brother, I truly feel sorry for you but if you wouldn’t have grown that tiny mustache and tried to take over the world in your past life, things may have turned out different for you.