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3 Times People have Thrown Eggs at Queen Elizabeth, Video!

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3 Times People have Thrown Eggs at Queen Elizabeth! Video.

3 Times People have Thrown Eggs at Queen Elizabeth! Video

During the Queen’s extraordinary 70 years on the throne she has experienced a few troubling incidents during visits to foreign countries. I’ll outline 3 times she’s had eggs thrown at her, and a few hit her.

The Queens New Zealand Egg Incident in 1984!

In 1984 during a visit to New Zealand two women masquerading as crowd control officers hurled raw eggs at Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as she rode in an open car, splattering yellow egg yolk across her pink coat according to the Los Angeles Times.

The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, were standing in a four-wheel-drive vehicle waving at about 42,000 schoolchildren gathered at Ellerslie Race Course to greet the royal couple.

Queen Elizabeth being egged in New Zealand

At the halfway point of the drive, two protesters emerged from the crowd and threw the eggs from close range. One egg hit the queen’s full-length pink coat low on the thigh, while another smashed into the car’s windshield.

As the prince mopped up the egg trickling down her coat, the queen appeared visibly upset by the attack and left the vehicle.

Police dragged the two women away while spectators screamed abuse at them for the attack. The suspects were booked on charges of assault and disorderly behavior.

The women told police they threw the eggs as a protest against a treaty signed by the British Crown and New Zealand’s native Maoris 146 years ago.

The Queens German Egg Incident in 1992!

In another incident involving eggs this time during a 1992 visit to Dresden, Germany with her husband Prince Philip, the monarch was pelted by eggs once again because the area was brutally bombed by the British during World War 2.

According to royal historian Hugo Vickers, the Queen did not let the incident affect her and that she “carried it off well” when she visited the city’s Kreuzkirche church.

She was also booed by a strong crowd of 5000 people as she was entering the church.

The Queens UK Egg Incident in 2002.

The Queens UK Egg Incident in 2002.
Best image I could find of the vehicle.

Two teenage boys were charged after eggs were thrown at the Queen’s Rolls-Royce in Nottingham.

The Queen and Prince Phillip were in the city to open the National Ice Centre and watch a gala display.

Two eggs hit the windscreen and door of the car as it pulled up to the arena in front of large crowds on Wednesday evening.

The two 17-year-olds have been charged with disorderly conduct and one has also been charged with causing obstruction.

Conclusion of 3 Times People have Thrown Eggs at Queen Elizabeth!

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth isn’t universally loved. As a matter of fact it appears there’s some people who absolutely hate her as evidenced by the 3 times Queen Elizabeth has had eggs thrown at her.

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