3 of the Dumbest Most Unusual Hobbies People Have

3 of the Dumbest Most Unusual Hobbies People Have

3 of Dumbest Most Unusual Hobbies People Have

The Most Unusual Hobbies #1 – Mooing Competitions

Wisconsin Mooing Competition

Imitating animal calls is a skill humans most assuredly picked up at the beginning of our existence. However, those earliest animal imitation experts would feel right at home among the participants in the competitive mooing scene.

It’s not surprising to find out that mooing competitions take place in rural locations noted for the production of dairy, like Wisconsin.

Although this sounds a little ridiculous to me personally, I didn’t grow up around cows, so who am I to say. I say, anything people do to have fun without harming anyone, I’m behind them all the way.

To prove this point, I decided to give it a try, the audio below is my attempt at mooing, enjoy the first 2 moos of my life.

Ok, now I’m tired of torturing you, I’ll be moving on to something a little happier, the hobby of faking one’s own death!

The Most Unusual Hobbies #2 – Faking Your Death!

Faking death 3 of the Dumbest Most Unusual Hobbies People Have

Chuck Lamb is better known as the Dead Body Guy. He wanted to be an actor but, unlike most aspiring actors, he was able to admit to himself that he wasn’t a very good. So he went for non-speaking roles, which means he plays the role of a Corpse.

To support this, he regularly posts staged photos of his death, and hey, it’s gotten him a small career as a horror icon.

I’m really not…

trying to be an asshole, or maybe I am just a bit, but you’d think someone who fakes death quite often would be better at it than Chuck Lamb is. If that sounds mean, I’m sorry but look at the photos below.

The screwdriver to the head is ok, but it wouldn’t have been a fatal injury. Not even close, the parachute not opening death photo is just absurd.

Faking death photos, 3 of the Dumbest Most Unusual Hobbies People Have

I’m not going to attempt to create a “fake my own death photo” but if I did, I’m almost positive I could do better than laying face down on the ground pretending I’ve fallen from an airplane while suffering zero injuries. Which must mean, I somehow died in the process of slowly laying down on the ground before a flight with my parachute laying behind me.

Come on Chuck, you can do better than this! I know you can.

Most Unusual Hobbies #3 – The Nasty Hobby of Navel Fluff Collecting

3 of the Dumbest Most Unusual Hobbies People Have
Why does the color change from green to red to blue depending on the year? Anyone know?

Graham Barker collects his own navel fluff. He has a Guinness World Record recognizing his collection of the stuff from more than twenty years of navel digging. I’m sure his mother, wherever she is, is beaming with pride.

Graham Barker started collecting Naval Fluff in 1984 and he keeps it all in carefully labeled jars, has greeted every single question about why he collects navel fluff with, “why not?”

No word on whether he’s ever gotten the logical reply, “because it’s disgusting Graham?”

All I can say is at least Graham Barker isn’t posting images of himself with his eyes closed and calling it faking his own death photos.

Guess what! Imagine the luck, I came across a photo where I am faking my own death. I had to black out my wife and my moms faces but you can clearly see im faking death because my eyes are closed as hell. I do believe I’ve started my collection.

Me faking death photo

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3 of the Dumbest Most Unusual Hobbies People Have

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