15 Dumb Mistakes We’ve all Made

15 Dumb Mistakes We've all Made

15 Dumb Mistakes We’ve all Made

Dont laugh at my stupid things i have done. Stupid Things People Do, You've Done All 15. 15 Dumb Mistakes We've all Made

1. Lowering The Volume So You Can See Better

Have you ever been jamming to a song, and you turn into a parking lot and need to turn down the volume to help you find a spot?

Turning the volume down doesn’t improve your vision, but it definitely helps.

2. Being Extra Nice To Security or Police To Not Seem Suspicious!

15 Stupid things Everyone Has Done At Some Point! 15 Dumb Mistakes We've all Made

When you go through airport security and feel like they’re looking at you suspiciously, so you act extra friendly to the TSA employees. They never would’ve thought of you as suspicious, but now they do.

Next thing you know, you are being pulled out of line for a full-body inspection. What normal person is friendly to a TSA employee who is mean mugging the hell out of them? The kind carrying an extra large shampoo bottle, that’s who!

3. Taking A Break From The Computer To Get on Your Phone!

Have you ever been on the computer, decide to take a break, only to immediately pick up your phone?

It may be a break from the computer but you’re still in front of a screen. Next time put away your phone as well as your computer. You’ll feel better, or so I’ve heard!

4. Sitting In Your Towel After The Shower For Too Long

Sitting In Your Towel After The Shower For Too Long

You get out of the shower, put on your towel, and sit on your bed. Somehow, an hour passes and you’re wrapped up in your towel.

You might be playing on your phone again or just staring at the ceiling, and for some reason, the time you spend in your towel goes by faster than standard time.

5. Bringing A Book To The Beach (or anywhere) And Not Reading It.

If you really think you are going to read the book you threw in your beach bag, you are wrong. You will most likely spend your time tanning, in the water, or on your phone once again.

Leave the book at home and save space for snacks, water, or extra sunscreen. Those are more important than throwing in a book you know damn well you aren’t going to read.

6. Feeling Relief When You Come Home To An Empty House After Work.

15 Stupid things Everyone Has Done At Some Point!

It’s not that you don’t love your family or friends, but sometimes it’s nice to have a few moments alone. To get first dibs on the snacks or to pick what you watch on TV.

You might even just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet because you have been surrounded by people at work all day and you just want a moment to yourself.

7. Accidentally Sending A Screenshot Of The Messages To The Person You Are Talking About

Have you ever texted someone and then screenshotted the conversation to send to someone else? But instead of sending it to another person you send the screenshot back to the person you were originally texting.

It’s then impossible to pretend like you weren’t going to start talking about that person behind their back. It’s extremely awkward and you should just own up to it at that point.

8. Having 100 T-shirts And Only Wearing 5 of them.

If you’re anything like me you’ve gotten into the habit of having a pile of shirts, and you always pick the five or six shirts from the top, wash them, and then put the same shirts on top.

You continue this cycle until you buy some new shirts, or the five top shirts get too worn or ratty.

9. Thinking Of A Great Comeback Hours After The Insult

Thinking Of A Great Comeback Hours After The Insult. Stupid Things People Do, You've Done All 15

Have you ever been roasted by someone and you can’t think of a witty comeback on the spot, but a few hours later the perfect zinger pops into your head?

You might sit there for hours thinking about how good this comeback would have been if you had just thought of it on the spot. Now you have to carry that thought around that you could have said something, but it didn’t happen.

10. Waiting To Leave When Someone Sits Down Next To You

The most uncomfortable thing is when you are about to get up, and then someone sits next to you, and now you feel like it would hurt their feelings if you left now.

You don’t even know the person that sat next to you, but you feel like it would be offending them if you needed to leave.

11. Writing An Angry Email And Never Sending It

Writing An Angry Email And Never Sending It. 15 Stupid things Everyone Has Done At Some Point!

Picture this: You go to work, and you and a coworker got into an argument, so when you sit down at your computer and write a lengthy angry email. After you are done writing it, you never send it. You might have spent a lot of time writing it, but when you’re finished you’re no longer angry enough to send it.

The key to this is making sure you delete the email. You don’t want to get stuck in a situation where you accidentally send it and then have to deal with the repercussions.

12. Taking Out Your Phone To Do Something Important And Getting Distracted By Social Media

I know you’ve opened your phone to check the weather, and twenty minutes later, you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole on Instagram or some other social media app. The worst part is, now you can’t remember why you got on your phone in the first place.

Before long it doesn’t matter anymore because you read a funny meme which leads you to reddit. Three hours later you walk out the door wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt into a 96° heatwave.

13. Rehearsing Conversations That Will Never Happen

This is something that happens to everyone. You have a full conversation in your head, but it never ends up happening because you’re too nervous to initiate the conversation.

In your head, the conversation went so well, but then you realize it probably won’t go as well in real life. You’ve basically freaked yourself out.

14. Looking At Other Items When Someone Is In Front Of What You Actually Want At The Grocery Store.

“This can of olives is super interesting, let me stare at it for a few more minutes until that person moves out of my way because I don’t actually want olives.”

It would be ok to ask the person if you can grab the thing that they are standing in front of, but that would involve talking to a stranger. It’s easier to read the ingredients of the olive jar which is [olives].

15. Getting Flustered and saying “you’re welcome” instead of “thank you”

When you get embarrassed that you said the wrong thing because you were thrown off guard by someone saying bless you or because you had your mind on something else.

For the rest of the day, you are thinking about that awkward encounter, and you think the other person is thinking about it too. In reality, they forgot about it a few minutes after thinking how stupid you are!

15 Dumb Mistakes We’ve all Made.